Retribution Theology

God delivered the accouchement of Israel out of the Egyptian’s calumniating easily and gave them the Ten Commandments. These rules were accustomed to alive by and anatomy an abiding accord with their God. But, if they bootless to accumulate their end of the bargain, God would accept to abuse them. Avengement canon is the acceptance that those who are acquiescent to God are alleged angelic and will be blessed, while those that are contrary are abandoned and will be accursed (Tullock 2006). From the alpha of Departure and above the Babylonian Exile, avengement canon was accustomed in the lives of Israel. The Old Testament writings reiterate God’s adherence appear Israel. “The Old Testament indicates that God’s law was distinctively appear to Israel in the ambience of His redeeming and carrying His bodies from bondage,” (Bahnsen 1980). But afore Moses, God accustomed an actual agreement with Abram back he obeyed Him. God afflicted Abram’s name to Abraham and told him that his birth would acquire the acreage of Canaan forever. “I will accomplish of you a abundant nation, and I will absolve you, and accomplish your name great, so that you will be a blessing. ” (Genesis 12:2, NRSV). These birth became accepted as Israel and afterwards 500 years of actuality God’s alleged people, they became the disciplinarian of the Egyptians. Since God is affectionate and Israel was His people, He had to abolish them from the abuse of Pharaoh. In a theophany, God appeared to Moses in a afire backcountry and commissioned him to bear the accouchement of Israel. Once God freed them and provided them an escape route, beneath the administration of Moses, He able them with the law and His blessings. “Now therefore, if you obey my articulation and accumulate my covenant, you shall be my admired control out of all the peoples. (Exodus 19:5, NRSV). Afterwards absolution them, God provided them with the agency for actual freed and accepting His provisions. In animosity of their deliverance, the Israelites’ problems did not end with their departure from Egypt. They suffered abounding trials and tribulations, but from the duke of the God who had promised to absolve them (Deffinbaugh 1976). Because of their murmuring, complaining, and unbelief, God accustomed Israel to airing about in the wilderness for forty years. This was actually alone a three day journey. In addition, God never advised for Israel to accept to action their way into the Promised Land; He capital them to accept acceptance and obey Him. Again, because of their disobedience, God accustomed them to ache the after-effects of sin. God alleged Israel to be angelic afore Him. Appropriateness was what the bodies were to be and to do because of God. It meant to be in the appropriate accord with God, and to act appropriately in the apple based on that moral relationship. He adored Israel out of His adulation and accursed out of His appropriateness or asceticism (Deffinbaugh 1976). To be angelic was to accept the teaching of God in one’s heart, to apperceive and to accept the things of God. While the appellation could be acclimated to call ethical accomplishments in the world, the primary focus of appropriateness was adjoin God, what the bodies were in affiliation to God. Appropriateness was the people’s accord to God based on the fact, that "I am your God. " Therefore, God acquainted that He had every appropriate to anathema them back they were contrary to His covenant. The aboriginal bidding God gave Israel was to accept no alternative gods afore Him because He was the one accurate God. Clearly, God knew and accustomed that there were alternative gods or altar the bodies in that time worshipped. But He had accurate to the Hebrew bodies that He was their deliverer, provider, and their God. The additional bidding said not to accomplish for themselves any blazon of idol, that God was jealous, and that He showed benevolence to those that admired Him and kept His commandments. Now, He appear His attributes and how He was to be honored. It was alone right, aloof and atonement that they admirable and obeyed Him. There did not assume to be any secrets or mysteries on what God accepted from Israel. But, Israel aloof could not stop admiration idols. They connected to adoration Baal, the god of sun, rain, thunder, fertility, and agronomics admitting the prophets’ warnings. Abounding prophets such as Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Amos, and Micah warned Israel of their abhorrence and the consequences. Back Israel became a nation, God’s law of appropriateness did not change. He still accepted them to obey His word. God’s civic blessings and cursings were codicillary as well. If a nation repented of its sin and angry to God, its threatened acumen could be prevented. If a nation angry from God, its promised blessings would be taken away. Abounding forms of all-powerful avengement can abatement on a animal activity which is worse than actual death. In fact, Jeremiah fabricated aloof such a complaint about the abuse inflicted on Jerusalem (Lam. 4:6, 9). One ability anticipate additionally of King Saul, whose aftermost canicule were abounding with such brainy and affecting agitation that afterlife itself was a affectionate of release. 10:30-31. No one should attention such a admonishing as an abandoned threat. God Himself has claimed the appropriate to booty avengement and to adjudicator His people. In adage this, the columnist quoted alert from Deuteronomy (32:35-36), a affiliate which best vividly evokes the account of God’s bodies adversity His chastening judgments (cf. esp. Deut. 32:19-27). Those accustomed with this text, as able-bodied as alternative descriptions of God’s acrimony adjoin “His people,” agree: it is a abominable affair to abatement into the easily of the active God. Not alone did God accomplish in that address of avengement theology, but Israel believed that if you obeyed the law, you would prosper. If you didn’t obey the law, you would suffer.

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