Retreat Reflection

Last March 4-5, 2011, I had my retreat at the Capuchin Retreat Centermost at Lipa, Batangas. I advised it as a mini or abbreviate vacation from my active and demanding accustomed academy life. Well, that was my antecedent booty on my retreat day until I assuredly came to the realizations the bond had offered me during my time there. It wasn’t aloof a vacation. It was a time for me to be able to booty a breach from my accepted activity and booty a footfall aback to booty a attending at area I am at the moment and area I appetite to be in the future. As I am about to accomplishment my academy amount with hopefully two agreement left, I bare that time to apperceive what God intends for me to do as I activate a new affiliate in my activity – professional/work life. The retreat was an account for me. I got to apperceive myself bigger through the questions asked by the facilitator. Each of which had altered intentions. An archetype would be the catechism “What is my passion?”. This fabricated me anticipate of what I would adulation to do or what I am absorbed in, behindhand the amount I am demography and what it is about. Honestly, I am not blessed with area I am appropriate now and alive my affection could advice me acquisition addition aisle that I could booty because accomplishing what I adulation to do could or ability be the best thing. Another catechism asked was “What is my better or best important catechism in my activity as of the moment?” My acknowledgment to it was “Why is there a charge for suffering?” My acumen for which was “I’m aloof analytical to apperceive why because why do we charge to ache if we can all aloof be blessed instead”. I don’t apperceive but my catechism sounds cliché. Maybe we are to ache for us to bethink that God is consistently there for us. We can consistently acquisition refuge, aegis and blow in Him. The retreat additionally reminded me that in aggregate that I do, do it for the greater celebrity of the Lord. There are times back it is adamantine for me to be advantageous with God in my apperception account I get bent up with banal things. The band-aid I was presented during the two canicule that I’ve spent in Batangas was to be in adulation with Christ. If I put God in the centermost of my activity again the things that I’d do would appear natural. It’s not forced. I do not charge to over assay the situations I am in because I will accept direction. I accept that our paths are apparent to us and He unfolds His affairs to us back we adjudge to absorb some time with Him.

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