Re:Topic 1 DQ 2

Re:Topic 1 DQ 2

 The absorbing affair for me is “Caring and the Christian Story”. This affair elaborates how nursing profession has been agitated out throughout the history. Christianity accept been the basis for development of nursing profession of present days, about it is added termed as medical profession and accurate than caring and spiritual. (Shelly, J. A., & Miller, A. B. (1999). It is accustomed for any active actuality to action for their actuality or apology of bloom in breakable bearings through healing process. I accept this healing action can be acceleration up through caring or nursing.

Nursing is authentic as both art and science of caring and healing ailing people. Healing of any ache is not accessible after caring and love. Nursing accord with not alone course and pathophysiology but additionally with the lived amusing and accomplished anatomy in announcement health, growth, and development and in caring for the ailing and dying. (Benner P, 1994).


 Benner P, 1994 ed., p. 17 Interpretive Phenomenology: Embodiment, Caring, and Ethics in Healthand Illness (Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage,)

Shelly, J. A., & Miller, A. B. (1999). Called to care: a Christian canon of nursing. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press.

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