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 respond to this altercation posts in 1 paragraph. Focus your analysis and (respectful) acknowledgment on the backbone of your colleague’s acknowledging altercation and evidence, on presenting another perspectives, and on administration insights that may prove accessible for the approaching alone assignments in this course. Try to ask a absolute question.  *** Tiffany Vidal    Google is an archetype of a aggregation that has continuously maintained able ethics, amusing responsibility, and additionally has environmentally acceptable behavior that accept anon contributed to its aggressive advantage. Hence, Google’s ancestor company, Alphabet, Inc. has committed to advance $2.5 billion in wind and solar projects (Dudovskiy, 2017). Google’s offices accept additionally acquired Leadership in Energy and Ecology Design (LEED) certification, and Google consistently seeks to accept a abate carbon brand (602 Communications, 2017). These practices and behavior accept contributed to its aggressive advantage because Google is accepted for its accuracy apropos its abode practices. Also, because Google has developed its own ecology sustainability programs, abounding consumers are accommodating to abutment the company. Hence, accepting a aggressive advantage allows companies to differentiate themselves in the bazaar (Competitive Advantage, 2016). Accumulated amusing albatross strategies additionally highlight the authoritative behavior and belief that are anchored in Google’s aggregation ability (602 Communications, 2017).             Moreover, Google has developed ethically and socially amenable behavior that accept added its workforce retention, bargain agent turnover, and bigger sales (Dudovskiy, 2017). Thus, leaders at Google accept accustomed the accent of not alone earning profits but additionally actuality able for bodies and the ambiance (602 Communications, 2017). Google has accurate that accepting ethics, environmentally acceptable policies, and actuality socially amenable reinforces consumers’ assurance in companies (Madhani, 2009). Leaders at Google performed centralized and alien analyses to analyze how they compared to its competitors (Competitive Advantage, 2016). When companies advance practices that abutment others and the environment, consumers activate to abutment them and additionally acquaint others about the company. Moreover, consumerism is acutely basic in advancement a abiding aggressive advantage (Madhani, 2009). Reference 602 Communications. (2017, May 3). Google and the accumulated amusing albatross of companies. Retrieved from Competitive Advantage. (26 May 2016). In Boundless economics. Retrieved from Dudovskiy, J. (2017, june 20). google accumulated amusing albatross (csr) - research- methodology. Retrieved from Madhani, P. (2009). Resource based appearance (RBV) of aggressive advantages: Importance, issues and implications. Indian Management Research Journal, 1(2), 2-12. Retrieved from

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