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Response 1:    When accepting to actuate the altered administration styles of Shawn and John and actuate the pro and con of each.  I anticipate Shawn shows a apprenticeship administration appearance he wants to achieve abiding all advisers appearance success, it doesn’t amount what it takes or what it amount them... He makes abiding to consistently appearance advance to his employee. He additionally shows acceptable apprenticeship abilities which makes him a acceptable leader.  I anticipate John shows a arrogant administration style. He is the one that wants to achieve all of the accommodation and doesn’t affliction for the acknowledgment from his employees. He does not appearance any advance to his employees. There are pro and cons about anniversary administration appearance leaders charge to achieve abiding they consistently achieve the adapted means and do what is best for the aggregation and its employees.  I accept that I am a autonomous leader. I achieve all my decisions fair. I am an honest baton I acquaint anybody the way that it is whether addition wants to apprehend it or not.  I additionally anticipate that I am a transformation baton I like to actuate others all the time. I like to see them achieve whey I apperceive that they can. I am additionally a aggregation leader; I consistently attending in the future. When I do article at the aggregation I like to attending at the purpose and administration this job may booty my in the future. I consistently try to be the best leader; I consistently appearance advance to my employees. I will use these administration abilities to allegorize what I accept is the adapted way to be a leader. I will allegorize what advisers and aggregation what to accumulate businesses acknowledged for the approaching what it booty to achieve anybody and aggregate happy, and accomplishing it the adapted ways. I will allegorize how to accord with assertive situations, and seek the advice that is bare for others.  Some animal basic administration strategies that I recommended would be recruiting new applicants award new advisers that appetite to be there already the alternative employees, and get those advisers on clue to breadth the aggregation needs to be at. The both could use some HR administration which could advice them with acclimation the dainty issues. The should put added time and activity into accurate the aggregation the best and giving it there all. Lastly, already they get the affairs anchored they should fix their amount and get every agent paid what they should receive. If they deserve to get paid added they should accord them what they deserve. In alternative alignment we accept had problems with the managers messing up amount and not advantageous us what we becoming bodies formed a agglomeration of overtime to advice the aggregation out, and we never accustomed what we were declared to. Response 2:     When alive in a administration role it is important to apperceive the altered administration styles. There are several administration styles such as pacesetting, authoritative, affiliate, charismatic, coaching, coercive, command and control, democratic, innovative, laissez-faire, situational, transactional, and transformational. In reviewing the Atlantis Global Corporation (AGC) affair book it is credible that Shawn Williams (VP) and John Dawson (CEO) accept altered types of administration styles. Although the book does not accommodate a lot of advice it appears that John’s administration appearance is accurate as he strives to led AGC to banking success. Accurate leaders do not seek acknowledgment and generally assurance suffers as subordinates do not feel empowered (Editorial Board, 2015, p. 12). When advisers do not feel admired or empowered they generally leave an alignment attractive for a bigger befalling and this is a abrogating acknowledgment to this administration style. A absolute to this specific administration appearance is that the baton is generally acknowledged in council the alignment to success through their claimed vision. Based on the book Shawn presents as application an associate or avant-garde administration style, as he has afresh discussed developing acceptance and accolade programs that would allure new aptitude while affective the accepted advisers through bigger job satisfaction. “Affiliate Leaders see the advisers as the best important assets while they appearance teams during the process” (Editorial Board, 2015, p. 12). A abrogating to the associate administration appearance is that it takes a lot of advice and time to body a ability of teamwork. Although this action takes time in the continued run the team’s all-embracing achievement is added through a able aggregation culture, and anniversary agent has a faculty of amount and empowerment aural the organization.               As I am a baton aural a ample alignment I do not accept that I accept one specific administration style. I advance specific aspects from anniversary administration appearance in my circadian tasks. I see myself as a apprenticeship transformational baton who utilizes accurate administration methods in specific scenarios. “Transformational administration requires an chip access to activity and administration that radically challenges our thinking” ( Simone, R. L., 2012). Changing the way, we anticipate and not actuality abashed to achieve changes can be a disciplinarian for alive the ability aural an organization. I accept that architecture relationships with advisers is important in agreeable them and acknowledging them in affair the organizations goals, while affair claimed goals. During the conference with the lath I will use my administration abilities to allotment the amount of animal capital. I would accommodate them with new account and incentives for advisers in adjustment to access the moral and appoint advisers with the adapted abilities and talent. In my presentation, I would accommodate examples of how this would access AGC’s efficiencies and abundance with a focus of accretion profit.             During the affair with John and the lath of admiral it will be acute to accommodate them with adapted animal basic administration strategies. I would acclaim commutual a advantage analysis based on the bounded bazaar area. I would additionally adduce an allurement or benefit affairs for advisers based on abundance and ability while abbreviation activity costs through overtime. In February of 2017 Randstad US appear a bacon adviser that showed added accomplishment due to a activity shortage. Jim Link Chief Animal Resources Officer (CEO) said “knowing the bazaar boilerplate for specific positions, as able-bodied as adjacent geographies, is analytical advice to advice candidates and administration ensure they accept or achieve the best aggressive offers" (PR, N., 2017, February 21). I would use this archetype and the changes proposed to advice adviser the altercation with the CEO and the lath of admiral about accessible approaching changes.

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