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Need a 200 words minimum acknowledgment for anniversary with advertence by Thursday. #1 What is the role of law in business? Are there appropriate apropos for businesses with the altered types of laws and regulations? What array of acknowledged risks abide for those businesses affianced in calm and all-embracing business activities? #2 Describe the accomplish in the action action and analyze them to a anatomy of another altercation resolution (ADR). In which cases would ADR be the adopted anatomy of altercation resolution? Explain your answer. Text: Acknowledged Environment of Business, Ch. 1: Acknowledged Heritage and the Digital Age #3 Define law. Call the functions of law. #4 Explain the development of the U.S. acknowledged system. List and call the sources of law in the United States. #5 Discuss the accent of the U.S. Supreme Court’s accommodation in Brown v. Board of Education. Text: Acknowledged Environment of Business, Ch. 2: Belief and Amusing Albatross of Business #6 Describe how law and belief intertwine. #7 Describe the moral theories of business ethics. #8 Describe the theories of the amusing albatross of business. #9 Examine the accoutrement of the Sarbanes- Oxley Act. Text: Acknowledged Environment of Business, Ch. 3: Courts, Jurisdiction, and Authoritative Law #10 List and call the types of decisions that are issued by the U.S. Supreme Court. #11 Compare the administration of accompaniment courts with that of federal courts. #12 Describe authoritative agencies and the capital appearance of authoritative law.

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