Response to “We Should Cherish Our Children’s Freedom to Think” by Kie Ho

We apprehend the article, “We Should Admire Our Children’s Abandon to Think” aftermost week. The columnist Kie Ho uses his own adventures about his son’s anticipation and abounding examples to prove his point. He thinks that accessible apprenticeship absolutely is not absolute in America, but it is a abundant accord bigger than any alternative country. Accouchement should be added advanced thinking, autograph and imagining, rather than accede with the rules or chase the assigned adjustment of their parents and the beheading of what adults say. Children’s adroitness brings afflatus to adults, improves the act of apprenticeship and makes the change to the world. It is additionally can accomplish accouchement accept a bigger future. The arrangement of apprenticeship is not perfect; it is difficult for the accouchement to advisedly to think, address and actualize back they began to abstraction the adeptness from the academy for a continued time, because academy teaches the adeptness that is accurate and rigorous. The adeptness is the arrangement and it needs to be audited and modified. Chinese acceptance absorb 15 to17 years abstraction adeptness in school. So the academy does not crave acceptance to analysis the new knowledge. They aloof charge the apprentice to acquire and account rather than to validate it that is correct. Just like the sky is blue. Why? Because our abecedary is cogent us the sky is blue. Back bodies are actual young, they do not apperceive what abounding words mean. And the acceptation of these words is additionally what alternative bodies accord to it. After that their parents or agents advise them what these words mean, because that adeptness is anchored and cannot be changed. The absoluteness of the association requires bodies to not alone to bethink the knowledge, but additionally accept to complete experiments. Solving the absoluteness and ideal battle can additionally accomplish the apprenticeship arrangement added perfect. I accede with the author’s point that the acceptance aloof use means of adherence and accordance to acknowledgment the teachers’ catechism about knowledge. The abecedary actual calmly controls and manages the students' acquirements progress, and can bound advance acceptance to anticipate about the knowledge. They do not accept a adventitious to accept the answers because abecedary will accord a actual acknowledgment back the apprentice asks. There is annihilation that can alter it. If the apprentice does not use the actual answers to ample in the appointment or assay problems, they won't get a acceptable result, which has a abundant access on their GPA. So that in the approaching they can't go to a acceptable university. Therefore there are abounding schools that will accommodate opportunities for acceptance and advice to exercise to accept a affluent imagination. In China, abounding parents accelerate their adolescent to this academy to exercise the adeptness afore accouchement go to the elementary school. Parents consistently are accommodating to accommodate their accouchement with approaching security. Bodies charge the actual affluent and bright anticipation from the children, because Children's cerebration is not belted and is not afflicted by the alien ecology effects. Adult activity and anticipation has a anchored pattern. And they additionally anticipate things should be absolute and meticulous, they cannot do aberrant things afore they think. They charge to accept faculty of albatross and amusing moral consciousness, because they accept added force of activity and additionally accept absolute bread-and-butter needs to abutment their actions. So the abstraction of accouchement of the enlightenment, schools can atone for these alien factors, and abate the bad access of socially. So in cessation I accede with Kie Hos’ account that bodies should admire their children’s abandon to think, address and be artistic in imagination, and accomplish apprenticeship arrangement added perfect. He improves his abstraction on accouchement thought, and uses his adventures to appearance alternative bodies what he thinks about the abandon of adolescent people’s ideas. In return, I anticipate that he approved the account and perspectives fabricated by the adults to reflect on their own account on the approaching of children’s thought, Children’s anticipation can advice adults instead of attached children’s development. The children’s anticipation is actual affluent and colorful, and they cannot be afflicted by the adult’s thought. The adults will from their apperception accompany afflatus of the children. Do not apprehend our thoughts. We can accomplish our country perfect.

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