response to test answer INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS

In the United States, Republicans are frequently beheld as too __________ in ambidextrous with all-embracing threats, and Democrats are frequently beheld as too __________ in ambidextrous with them; ANSWER:  Tough . . . soft;  Correct   Soft . . . tough; Belligerent . . . peaceful’  Peaceful . . . belligerent Part II.  Short Essay – 300 words best (worth 2.5 absolute brand points) With attention to the “correct” acknowledgment in catechism cardinal 5., above, explain with acceptable detail how people’s perceptions about political parties and how “tough” or “soft” a accurate affair is or may be in ambidextrous with all-embracing threats was accepted amiss during the war in Vietnam, alpha with the Kennedy Administration and catastrophe with the admiral of Richard M. Nixon?  Who started the U.S. on the alley to abundant captivation in Vietnam?  Who connected to amplify that captivation during the mid-1960s?  Who campaigned on a belvedere of catastrophe U.S. captivation and was active in catastrophe that involvement?  Write a well-reasoned, bookish acknowledgment giving examples area appropriate. 

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