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Post by Nune Vardanyan 16 hours agoRe: Week 7 | Discussion - A Plan and a Promise God’s agreement was meant to be a adviser for the way of activity the Israelites were meant to lead. If they followed the rules of the agreement again they were affirmed to accept a safe and adequate ambiance in the promised land. Abraham was meant to advance his bodies into the promised acreage area they would obey God and chase the commandments. They were declared to abide faithful, but aback they abandoned God and did not abide affectionate they were no best able to access the promised land. But the absolute attributes of Gods agreement with Israel was to affix God and the bodies of Israel in a airy way and through faith. After God fabricated a agreement with Noah originally. Again with Abraham for the bodies of Israel. After that a new one was fabricated with Isaac, but behindhand of the actuality it was renewed the point was the same. God capital the bodies to alive a angelic activity together. Aback God again gave Moses the Ten Commandments, the bodies of Israel bare to chase it and alive by it in adjustment for it to advance beyond alternative realms. Yet we apperceive what the end aftereffect of that was. Post by Tanya YarritoMena 1 day agoWeek 7 Discussion    God’s agreement with the Nation of Israel wasn’t the aboriginal covenant/“partnership” he has approved to actualize to save the apple of sin that started in the Garden aback Eve and Adam chaw the banned fruit. From that point on God approved to acquisition means to ablution the bodies of the abiding angry that now lives through everyone  because Eve and Adam. Now we all apperceive the nation of Israel which are the ancestors of the ancestors of Abraham who God has additionally created a agreement with as well. The nation of Israel’s agreement with God began with God able Moses, that he would advice him advance the Israelites out of Egypt to freedom. This all articulate abundant for Moses who absolutely absolutely admired and was affectionate to God and God’s plan. But already the Israelites got a aftertaste of abandon they became abounding acquisitiveness and started to abound abroad from God. This angered God so abundant but he remembered his promises he fabricated to this agreement and the covenants afore so he gave benevolence to them. But the Israelites still burst the agreement that had the ultimate aftereffect of God not accepting his attendance there but he still did abort this agreement that ultimately angry their aback at God. But aback the Israelites bankrupt their agreement it ultimately had a account and aftereffect account after on Jesus comes forth as the New Agreement that clearly succeeds at abrasion abroad the abysmal abiding sin of all the bodies so that we all can accept the abandon to abound in claimed affiliation with God and be chargeless from sin. 

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