Response paper about the Columbian Exchange ( HISTORY)

Instructions: Answer the afterward catechism in an article architecture with an addition (where you anatomy the catechism and accord the clairvoyant an abstraction of what you will be arguing), a anatomy (where you lay out your claims and evidence), and cessation (where you summarize, but don’t repeat, the primary credibility of your essay). Your responses charge be typed, 3-4 pages in breadth and draw on Bulliet et al., chic notes, and primary antecedent readings.  The best able acknowledgment affidavit will go above repeating the readings (or lectures) and action artistic new interpretations of the affirmation presented in class. You are accepted to draw on actual from Part I: Prelude to Modernity. Question – The Columbian Barter yielded a array of altered outcomes, but historians about accede that it was transformative. Describe the Columbian Exchange. What was exchanged? What were the after-effects of that exchange? What, in your opinion, were some of its arch benefits? For whom? What accept been its greatest abrogating consequences?   Rubric A Has a bright apriorism that is substantively authentic throughout the work. Citations are clear, accurate, and according to the appearance guidelines and folio limits. Arguments affectation astute use of chic address actual and readings. Makes assorted bright access amid the book and chic actual application cited affirmation from chic material The autograph is bright and engaging. It is able-bodied organized with affair sentences. Adheres to folio limits.  - Style and Formatting: All affidavit should clear, convincing, and afterward the assigned appearance guidelines. They should accept a categorical thesis, intro, and cessation backed up with absolute and well-documented citations. Citations are appropriate (Chicago Appearance with footnotes suggested). The affidavit should chase the afterward format: Times New Roman font; 12 point; bifold spacing; 1” margins; use folio numbers. Print double-sided if possible. The appellation should acutely and creatively arm-twist the affair and altercation of your paper. ** You can use the sources absorbed and any associate advised antecedent with a able commendation and able use ** source:  source:  Also, you can use this book as a source: Bulliet et al. The Earth and Its Peoples, Volume II: Since 1500: A Global History, 6th Edition. 

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