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Throughout the week, analyze and call an archetype you begin in your own activity or TV that highlights the capacity associated with 5 of the 9 altered perspectives and frameworks.  Each archetype charge appear from a altered situation, interaction, or observation.  In alternative words, don’t use the aforementioned alternation with your ancestor and call it from altered perspectives. Family Ecology Perspective Family Activity Course Development Framework Structure-Functional Perspective Interaction-Constructionist Perspective Exchange Theory Family Systems Feminist Theory Biosocial Perspective Attachment Theory Please use complete sentences for anniversary entry, but a academic cardboard in branch anatomy is not required.   Be specific in your entries to allotment what you saw and how it aligns with that angle or theory.  For example: During Modern Family, one of the capital characters (Jay) who is a grandfathering to teenagers but additionally a ancestor to a toddler, was asked to associate with addition brace who was said to be actual similar. The alternative man was appreciably earlier and Jay was affronted to be associated with addition in that age bracket.  This aligns with the Family Activity Course Development Framework as Jay struggles to antithesis his crumbling and retirement expectations with his abundant adolescent wife's role as she is active activity through the average years. 

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