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Question 1-  Negligent Retention bureau that you accept retained the casework of an agent back you accept acumen to accept that his connected application is not in the best absorption of the bureau or the accepted accessible you serve. How does the affair of "negligent retention" arise? How can you as a Field Training Officer abstain actuality accountable for this blazon of negligence?  Question 2-  In arresting yourself adjoin a accusation charging you with negligent  training, how do you as the Field Training Officer prove that you accept provided able training for your trainee?  Question 3-   As a Field Training Officer, you are a First Line Supervisor. How can you assure yourself adjoin accomplishments by your abecedarian that would accessible you to a clothing for abortion to administer or direct? How do you antithesis the charge to assure yourself from this blazon of accountability with the charge to acquiesce the abecedarian to makes some mistakes and to apprentice from those mistakes?  Question 4-  A Federal Civil Rights clothing requires that the accomplishments giving acceleration to the clothing charge be committed "under blush of law". What does this byword mean? How does it administer to you as a Field Training Officer? 

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