Responding to Threats

  A few weeks ago, a adjacent hospital, which is actual agnate in operations and calibration to Auburn Regional, was the ambition of a ransomware attack. You accept kept a abutting eye on this event. You adjudge to complete a analysis of accepted actual accessible apropos ransomware attacks and abnormally ransomware and hospital action systems. Develop a 1- to 2-page chart. Your blueprint should accept four columns for Authorization, Authentication, Roles, and Mitigation, as able-bodied as three columns for Small, Medium, and Ample businesses. The blueprint should analyze four attributes that are analytical in action systems today. Populate and extrapolate what accomplish can be taken to abate threats for small, medium, and ample hospital action systems. Based on your chart, provide a final advocacy on how the hospital can acknowledge to the threat. Summarize your blueprint findings, accommodate your recommendation, and acknowledgment the afterward questions in a brief, 2- to 3-page controlling arbitrary to the Auburn Regional administration team: How could changes to authorization, authentication, and roles advice abate and accord with these systems threats?  How do you verify bodies and aegis levels?  How will your recommendations allay the threat? Include the blueprint in your controlling summary.

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