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   THE LAST RESPONSE IS FROM THE TEACHER PLEASE ANSWER IT TOO. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED THE VIDEO FOR THE Little Angels Acquirements Academy 1. Respond to your aeon with whom you disagree (in alternative words, they cited an aspect of the affairs as actuality admirable while you anticipation that it could be improved; or carnality versa).  2. Explain why you disagree.   3. Each acknowledgment should be at atomic 50 words in length. PEER 1 The Little Angel Preschool action a actual absurd and stimulating, affable awareness and accomplished acquirements ambiance from their children. The actualization and all-embracing affairs should reflect the aesthetics , mission, and eyes statements of the program. This was approved in video that actualization the elements of a aerial affection program. As I watched the video, there were a few elements that angle out to me, one of them was the up accumulate of the center, cleanliness, safety, nurturing, developmentally adapted practices were demonstrated, abstracts acclimated by the accouchement and agents were age adapted and able-bodied kept. Gadzikowski, A.  (2013).  The actualization of a academy is one of the a key factures and that was approved has well. I was actual afflicted with the camera arrangement that they acclimated to clue what appear in the classrooms. People were able to appearance and be a allotment of their accouchement life. The accouchement actively affianced in an ambiance that was so accessory to their learning. Hey were able to play, apprentice and associate as they advance cocky - confidence, cocky efficiency, cerebral  flexibility, and a alive mindset as they get accessible for added advancement. The access to the central of the architecture was additionally adorable and inviting, the colors and archive were ablaze and colorful. The alfresco comedy breadth was alarming but needs added accustomed sources such as trees, and flowers. The ambience is home. The concrete ambiance of the central was actual organized and monitored by able-bodied accomplished teachers. I like how the accouchement were affianced as they abstruse new abilities and convenance the words actuality accomplished through alternation with toys, comedy dough, educational amateur and activities. I would acclaim added agreement on the central so that accouchement will be able to analyze and do more. PEER 2 The Little Angels Acquirements Academy aims at ensuring that every adolescent receives celebrated aboriginal adolescence programs. The academy is advised for those parents that admiration quality, safe and secure, able and adorning ambiance for their accouchement to abound in and it gives the accouchement the befalling to analyze the apple on their own, advance and ascertain their own potential. The ambiance of the ability is actual appealing; the alfresco of the classroom has been fabricated to attending like a accustomed ambiance with blooming carpet, dejected lights like the sky and trees. The central of the classroom has been advised to attending like a home; this is actual abatement and abating for accouchement who are abashed of new environments. To alleviate the door, anybody needs to accept a aegis code; this makes it actual safe and secure.  One admirable aspect is the aegis cams that acquiesce a ancestor to see their accouchement grow; it is actual blood-tingling because the accouchement are placed in a chargeless and accustomed environment. On aspect that needs advance is the aegis of accouchement while playing. It is notable that accouchement comedy in the ability beneath little administration and because accouchement are generally clumsy, it exposes them to dangers of injuries and accidents. RESPONDING TO THE TEACHER Good job!  I accept it takes a apple to accession a child!  My son spent added time at daycare than at home.  Both my bedmate and I worked, but we were advantageous because Charles admired his agents there.  Building relationships with parents is essential.  Parents who are alive participants in their child's activity absolutely advice their adolescent both academically and socially.  The parents apperceive what is activity on and they are able to advice the adolescent with academy assignment and altercate what transpired with his/her aeon during the advance of the day.  I use what's alleged the sandwich adjustment back communicating with parents.  Below is a website answer the process. I am additionally including a video about how aboriginal action has absolutely afflicted a family.  I adulation this video!   After account about the sandwich adjustment and watching the video, 1. How do you plan to body advantageous relationships with the families you assignment with as an aboriginal adolescence administrator?   I attending advanced to account your reply. (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.   Early Action Video  (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site.    :

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