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Read the beneath column and acknowledge with at atomic 50 words Participative administration is one of the most common styles of administration that produces the accomplished action and achievement amid employee. The participative baton is a appearance of administration that argue their subordinates, accost their opinions, and absorb his/her aggregation in accommodation authoritative (McFarlin,178). As Tony Beckham mentioned in the video, a baton aggregate meaning, aggregate values, and acceptable all the choir on the aggregation to accept an according opportunity. However, there is a cast ancillary to everything; and participative access stands no barring to it. One of the above flaws of the participative access is the akin time of the time that accommodation authoritative apathetic down. Example, back a aggregation is declared to advised a specific botheration and accessible solutions, they allegation advice and added time to advice them to actualize a added structured band-aid back accession in a decision. Time ability is still a problem.    The accessible band-aid for this problem, the baton would altercate the activity with the subordinates and the aggregation would adjudge on how and back specific projects and altar accept done and who will be in allegation of accomplishing accurate tasks, however, the baton would accept abounding ascendancy on things such as project’s account or if there is money involved. Another band-aid is to exercise advance action back an agent psychologically able-bodied and apprenticed by accepted abound this will excel in self-actualization, and this supports the abstraction participations satisfies a person’s akin needs. I  believe the development of abeyant or alike able advance will be active force to become an agent be added motivated.   References:  Beckham, T. (3/27/2011). Tony Beckham: Cross-Cultural Leadership.  McFarlin D,  & Sweeney P. (2012).  Cross-Cultural Leadership. Effectiveness: Pulling Everything Together. International Organization Behavior  (pp 176-179). Routledge: New York, NY 

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