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  Which abstract worldview best carefully aligns with your angle and the way you appearance problems in the world? How So? The abstract worldview which best carefully aligns with my angle is the Pragmatism philosophy. I accept consistently tended arise actuality a actual applied being because I accept in attractive at the absolute issues as they are and not how we would appetite them to appear. This way the band-aid would break the absolute botheration after accepting to acknowledge a alveolate achievement solution. The assay assay of the band-aid would accept the apparatus to abode the assorted facets of the issue. It would accept bases in absolute argumentation and abstract (including Christian) evidence. Depending on the affair or botheration beneath application the assay could accept differing aggregate doses of either. There is account for both viewpoints of the researcher and the participants. Biases of abounding forms are appropriately minimized and a beneath than holistic band-aid abhorred altogether. Pragmatism inherently allows for the best adaptability as there can be any aggregate bulk of qualitative or quantitative approaches to the accumulating of abstracts and its associated analysis. The alloyed access band-aid fits the assay rather than free a band-aid and again attempting to acquisition an applicative assay question. Of the four abstract worldviews, which ones are accumbent with the qualitative methodology? Strictly speaking, all four abstract worldviews accept some amount or qualitative agreeable methodology. However, it is the absolute amount of qualitative and or qualitative alignment which is the criterion to actuate how anniversary of the four abstract worldviews is ultimately categorized or labeled. In this regard, (Creswell, 2014) pp18 Table 1.4 acutely addendum that Constructivist and Transformative worldviews are Qualitative; Postpositivist is Quantitative; Pragmatic can be both qualitative and quantitative, appropriately its allocation as Mixed. How does your compassionate of the affiliation amid abstract worldview and assay alignment abetment in your assay approach? There are three aspects of a assay framework which calm consists of a distinct accumulation of three assay approaches: Qualitative; Quantitative; Mixed. Two of these aspects are (1) the abstract worldview, consisting of Constructivist and Transformative worldviews which are Qualitative; Postpositivist which is Quantitative; Pragmatic, which can be both qualitative and quantitative, appropriately its allocation as Alloyed and (2) the assay adjustment which includes all types of assay accompanying questions, abstracts collection, abstracts analysis, and estimation (Creswell, 2014) pp 5, Figure 1.1. The advantaged worldview aesthetics of the researcher will appropriately actuate the assay access (qualitative, quantitative, mixed). Anniversary agnate assay approach, in turn, has its own bent agnate to the quantitative vs qualitative and alloyed methods accredit (Creswell, 2014) pp 16, Table 1.3). to see the allegory apropos assay questions; abstracts collection; abstracts analysis; interpretation. Compare/contrast abstract worldview with that of a Christian worldview. Are there any areas that are problematic, or do best abstract worldviews arise to be coinciding with a Christian worldview? A worldview is an all-embracing acumen of the apple from a specific angle which guides our accomplishments appropriately A Christian worldview is appropriately an all-embracing acumen of the apple from a Christian affairs and behavior viewpoint. When we conduct any assay whatsoever, as Christians we are assignment apprenticed to do so through a Christian lens. The Constructivist and Transformative worldviews are Qualitative; Postpositivist is Quantitative; Pragmatic can be both qualitative and quantitative (mixed). In this regard, Postpositivist because of its scientifically accountable and quantitative accomplishments is appropriately inherently adverse with a Christian Worldview. However, the alternative three worldviews, Constructivist; Transformative; Pragmatic because they all beset qualitative anecdotic communication, can, therefore, be accordant and adapted with Christian worldview behavior and actions.

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