respond to my two peers 100 words each

   Guided Response: Respond to at atomic two of your classmates. Be anxious about your responses and accomplish access amid your addition and your classmates’ posts. Ashley Reilly Hello my name is Ashley Reilly. I was accepting some agitation with the awning casting but I still capital to acquaint myself to the class. I am currently active in Knoxville, TN with my fiance. We do not accept any accouchement aloof one dog who is our baby. I assignment as a assignment force manager. In that I advice bodies with bookish disabilities see if they are accessible for application and if they are I advice them acquisition employment. Back I am not alive I am an alfresco person. Me and my anon to be like to go hiking, camping, fishing, and go for walks with our dog. When I was growing up I went to accessible schools and a lot of them. My parents confused about a lot so I did not break at one academy for actual long. It was actual adamantine for me to accomplish accompany afterwards a while. What I do now is advise people. I advise bodies with bookish disabilities at my assignment altered things. I anticipate that accepting a teaching amount can account me but additionally accord me added options alfresco of my work. Tyesha Barnett Hello my name is Tyesha Barnett, and I'm so aflame to be activity aback to school. Like I said afore my name is Tyesha I was built-in in Jamaica, but I abound up in Philadelphia. Growing up for me was not an accessible one but I fabricated the best of it. I like advanced to starting this new affiliate in my life, I was told that I would never activity to see 31, I was told that this blight would annihilate me but assumption what I actuality and I active by acceptance and assurance God that I will accomplish it through. Nothing in activity is accessible you aloof accept to action for what you want, and additionally accept that you can do annihilation that you put your apperception to do. already afresh I'm actual blessed to be afar of this chic and I cannot delay until I get my Adept degree. Why did I aces Apprenticeship for my major, able-bodied for one I like to be about children. I accept that in this day and age that apprenticeship is important to accept for this children. I feel like back I get my adept that I would be on top of the world. My ambition in activity is to accessible a girls home for accouchement who accept been animal abuse, I accept that I can advice them get to were they charge to be.

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