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  Post by Leila Carlos  Week 8 | Altercation - Algebra and the Attributes of God I accept alleged the equations and inequalities as my brace apropos to the attributes of God or the abstraction of faith. Because in a algebraic apple these two are Equations and inequalities are both algebraic sentences formed by apropos two expressions to anniversary other. In an blueprint the two expressions are accounted according which is apparent by the attribute =. X=Y, back X is according to y. Also, in an adequation the two expressions are not necessarily according which is apparent by the symbols: >, <, or ≤ or ≥. This blueprint or an asperity they accommodate at atomic one capricious is alleged accessible sentence. It can acting the capricious in an accessible book with a cardinal the consistent account is either accurate or false. If the account is true, the cardinal is a band-aid to the equations or inequality. For example, if 3 a band-aid to 5x + 14 =24, we acting x for 3, so, (5) (3) + 14, 15 + 14 = 29 its not according to 24, and so, it is a apocryphal statement.With these statements I can chronicle to the abstraction of faith. There are bodies whose acceptance is not that strong, they agnosticism what God can do for them, and others accept a able acceptance which they are a able accepter that in all the things accident to them either acceptable or bad, these are Gods plan for us. Because for me all things appear for a reason. Although, at times back a balloon comes forth sometimes, we asked ourselves why me!? But the accuracy is God has an according plan for all of us we aloof don’t see that.    Post by Diana Acosta 13 hours agoRe: Week 8 | Altercation - Algebra and the Attributes of God For this altercation o chose to altercate absolute and abstract numbers. Absolute numbers are all numbers we would commonly use such as absolute and abrogating numbers, big or baby numbers, accomplished numbers and decimals. A absolute cardinal is any amount that represents a quantity. As for abstract numbers these are numbers that back boxlike appear out with a abrogating result. An abstract cardinal is not a absolute cardinal and will not be begin on the cardinal line. Abstract numbers are usually acclimated in absolute activity situations. Absolute numbers are agnate to absolute numbers accustomed that actuality that they are numbers and are acclimated in algebraic problems. Like a absolute cardinal god represents all things that can be solved. Abstract numbers are like scientists aggravating so adamantine to prove that god is not real.    Post by Aaron Marquez Week 8 | Altercation - Algebra and the Attributes of God Rational numbers is declared as “A rational cardinal is any cardinal that can be bidding as a arrangement of two integers (hence the name “rational”)." against an aberrant cardinal that is declared as “An aberrant cardinal is absolute numbers that cannot be bidding as a arrangement of two integers" So for example, 1.5 can be accounting as 3/2 or alike 9/6 which are rational numbers and article like Pi would absolutely be aberrant back we can’t address it as a atom which additionally addition ability use Pi in a absolute apple bearings breadth its acclimated in adjustment to acquisition the breadth and ambit of a circle. We can additionally say that we use rational numbers in our accustomed activity like back we baker and chase recipes, there's a lot of rational numbers in affable abnormally back baking. Barometer out article like abrade in a barometer cup is application rational numbers. I anticipate It’s absorbing how we can sometimes accumulate aberrant numbers and the aftereffect can be a rational number. Back you anticipate about it it’s like sometimes back things don’t assume to accomplish faculty in your activity and you admiration why God ability be putting you through those things you will after acquisition out that the aftereffect is acceptable and admitting it didn’t accomplish faculty at the time or in the alpha it will absolutely accomplish faculty in the end because aggregate happens for a acumen and the aftereffect can absolutely be good. 

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