Respond to Ethical Scenarios

Assignment Content    Review the adapted ethical scenarios for your academy from the annual below. Respond to the afterward questions with 150 to 200 words anniversary based aloft your college's added standards. Refer to your college's added standards to acquaint your response.         Question 1 1 Point   Reach anniversary book for your academy below. What accepted applies for anniversary scenario? (Copy and adhesive the applicative standard.)              Question 2 1 Point   For anniversary scenario, analyze what the incorrect activity was that resulted in a abuse of the added standards.              Question 3 1 Point   What accommodation or activity could accept been done altered so that it would accept complied with the standard? Provide capacity for anniversary book for your college.              College of Education Ethical Scenarios The acknowledgment on your apprentice teaching midterm indicates that advance is bare in classroom management. You apathy this acknowledgment because you accept it is added important to be nice to your students. Your Abecedary Education Specialist (TES) requests your resume and a awning letter, per a academy district’s requirement, to abode you for observations. Your TES notices some spelling and grammatical errors and suggests revision; you debris and assert that the TES abide your aboriginal abstracts to the academy district. As you adapt to booty over the classroom in apprentice teaching, you ask your allied abecedary for suggestions to admonition you differentiate apprenticeship for English Language Learners. Your allied abecedary advises you, “Don’t anguish about it. They’re in America and they should apperceive English.” When planning for your unit, you adjudge to booty your allied teacher’s advice.    College of Education - Administration Ethical Scenarios Your coach has tasked you with sending an burning apprehension to parents apropos a apprehensive agent that has been spotted abreast the academy campus. You are abaft on an appointment for your internship course, and accept to adapt the apprehension the afterward day. Halfway through the achievement of your internship hours, your coach resigns and moves out of state. Afterwards, you apprehend that you did not accept signatures for all of your internship hours. Application a archetype of your mentor’s signature, you coin the signatures for your actual counterfeit hours. During academy conferences, a altercation arises amid a abecedary and a parent; your coach asks you to intervene. You anon admonishment the abecedary in advanced of the parent, answer for the teacher’s behavior.    College of Nursing Ethical Scenarios A healthcare ambassador and assistant are overheard by a patient’s ancestors in the hospital cafeteria discussing the patient’s plan of care, prognosis, and amount of care. An bearding antecedent alleged the Apollo Ethics and Compliance hotline. The antecedent appear that Tara, a healthcare student, was application a website that wrote her assignments for her. The antecedent submitted affidavit acceptance that Tara told a website agent about the appropriate assignments. The affidavit included receipts for purchased assignments, which were beatific to her e-mail address. In addition, on two occasions, the antecedent appear that Tara instructed the website agent to log in to her apprentice account/classroom and attending at the appointment that was due. As proof, the affidavit included the student’s login ID and password. Linda, a apprentice in the Academy of Health Professions withdrew in anniversary bristles a chic due to a ancestors emergency. When she retook the chic she submitted the aforementioned assignment from the aboriginal class, but did not accept permission from her adroitness affiliate to use the aforementioned work.    College of General Studies Ethical Scenarios You are a apprentice in a animal development course. One of your classmates says he grew up as a jailbait in Los Angeles, CA in 2001. Because he is Persian, he said he acquainted discriminated against. You agenda that his name is John and, from his annual on PhoenixConnect, he does not attending like addition who would acquaintance what he described. You column a agenda in the class, “Say, John, I never would accept anticipation addition like you would be a victim of abhorrence crimes. You attending so normal.” A applicant you are allowance has a carpeting business. During one of your home visits, you acclaim the applicant on his nice carpet. You say, “I accept capital to get a new carpeting in my active room, but accept to delay until I can save up a bit more. You apperceive how big-ticket it can be.” Your applicant replies, “Oh, you accept been so accessible to my family, I can get you carpeting and install it for near-cost. That will save you hundreds of dollars. I would be blessed to do this for you.” You anticipate this will admonition your applicant with his business and admonition you get new carpet. You reply, “How acceptable of you. I accept capital to get a new carpeting for so long. But I am activity to pay fairly!” Later in the week, you and the applicant accommodated to aces out the blush and he takes the altitude of your active room. You accept a blast alarm from one of your classmates, who is in tears. She completed 12 weeks of her acreage acquaintance class, and again the association out-reach centermost that she was volunteering at bankrupt down. They alone gave her a week’s notice. She lamented how difficult it was to acquisition an accustomed bureau and she does not appetite to alpha over. She discloses a plan to get through the abutting 3 weeks after her adviser or the university alive that the bureau is closed. You are compassionate to your classmate’s plight, canonizing the accent you accomplished accepting your advance placement. You accede to admonition your classmate.    Other Colleges Ethical Scenarios You are a bookkeeper alive for a business. You actualize a additional set of books for a specific annual application incorrect numbers because your administrator asked you to. You beam a aide giving arcane chump advice to a acquaintance alfresco of the company. You are hiring for a position at work. You accept three able candidates you are considering. Your bang-up comes to you and says, “You should accede hiring my nephew. We can go out for banquet abutting anniversary to celebrate.”

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