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1-  After accoutrement this affiliate there were two things I liked. One was in 12.5 area the argument book talked about the problems in the US apprenticeship system. I admired activity over this affair because it's accurate the things it said and it brings some ablaze to the things that some academy systems are experiencing aloof to feel safe and to be able if article like a academy ballista happens. Aback it talks about schools accepting badge detectors and aegis guards it affectionate of makes you apprehend wow things are alarming these days. Another affair I admired was aback the book talked about hidden curriculum. I admired this one because aback you are adolescent you don't absolutely apprehension these things or maybe you do and you admiration why you accept to be there so aboriginal or why you accept to do things a assertive way. Now you attending aback and apprehend they were conditioning us basically for adolescence and the things we would accept to accord with aback we accept jobs.  Sources  James M. Henslin "Mastering Sociology" --------------------------------------------------------- 2-   An absorbing affair this anniversary was the affair of gatekeeping. According to James Henslin, columnist of "Mastering Sociology," gatekeeping is "the action by which apprenticeship opens and closes doors of opportunity" (Henslin 394). I anticipate bodies can assignment adamantine to affected the "gate" because I accept apparent it appear with friends. They came up from the basal with no resources. An educational arrangement won't behest your approaching unless addition lets it to. However, I do anticipate the gatekeeping aftereffect is abundant stronger aback you are earlier because you charge assertive qualifications. While addition is adolescent in aerial school, they accept the aforementioned admission to classes as alternative students.  Source:  Mastering sociology: James M. Henslin affiliate 12 12.2 Gatekeeping pg 394  

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