Direction : Please acknowledge to this column 200 chat with one reference When counseling a  sex blackmailer who was answerable with sex with a minor, animal molestation,  and exhibitionism I would aboriginal appetite to apperceive the circumstances. I would  want to apperceive the age of the minor, the capacity about the animal  molestation allegation and the exhibitionism. There are times back an 18  year old has sex with a 17 year old, that is accurately a accessory and this  would aggregate animal molestation. If nude photos were beatific via amusing  media that could be advised exhibitionism. In my assessment the age of  the blackmailer and the victim do amplitude how I would feel. If the blackmailer  was a developed man and the victim a boyish again I would accept a adamantine time  counseling them, as a ancestor I would anticipate of my own children. However, I  would put my claimed animosity abreast and keep my judgments to myself.  The blackmailer actuality ordered by the cloister to appear counseling could additionally  affect the outcome. If they do not appetite advice and are alone accessory  because the cloister requires it, again they may not account from  counseling.       Exhibitionism can be conceptualized as a ataxia from the date of  nonverbal alternation (Hopkins, Green, Carnes & Campling, 2016).  Those who partake in exhibitionism generally had ambiguous animal  behaviors in their boyish years (Hopkins, et al., 2016). Discovering  the basis of the acumen why the blackmailer takes allotment in this would be a  priority. How to they feel? What do they can? What behaviors can they do  instead of these acts? Exhibitionism about begins about age 11-15  (Hopkins, et  al., 2016). I would ask back the behavior started and if there was any  traumatic adventures that resulted in the behavior beginning? If there  were again those would charge to be addressed and any animosity about that  dealt with. Exhibitionist generally accept actuality corruption issues, accomplish  incest, accept been sexually abused aboriginal in life, and accept been  physically abused (Hopkins, et al., 2016). Discussing why the blackmailer  participated in the accuse adjoin them and their accomplished history of  substance use, animal relations, and corruption could advice them to acquisition the  reason why they partake in the acts that accept resulted in the charges.  If they are accommodating to assignment through their accomplished and appetite to change again  they could affected these behaviors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      References Hopkins, T.A, Green, B.A., Carnes, P., and Campling S. (2016). Varities of intrusion: Exhibitionism and voyeurism. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity (23). 4-33. Retrieved from:

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