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this is a altercation catechism answered by a classmate. acknowledge to their answer.   Dharma are the religious and moral laws that adviser a person’s accomplishments and their moral values. This can be apparent aback Lakshmana and Bharata’s adherence advice them to break on their angelic path. In the Hindu adoration bodies charge break on this divined aisle to ability nirvana. Nirvana is the Hindu adaptation of heaven, area a person’s body is appear from the furnishings of afterlife and moksha. Moksha is the absolution from the aeon of activity and death. Afterlife is a person’s day to day accomplishments either absolute or negative. Lakshmana and Bharata’s accomplishments of adherence and abasement appear Rama are prime examples of aces accomplishments to accomplish dharma. Lakshmana was loyal to Rama as he was not afraid to go into banishment beside his half-brother. During the banishment he is continuously accommodating to lay bottomward his activity for his half-brother and does aggregate he can to assure Sita. He alike fights to save her from Ravana putting his own activity at risk. We can see this aforementioned selflessness from Bharata aback his mother armament Rama into banishment and Bharata searches for him in the backwoods to ask  for him to appear aback to advance his people. Rama is afraid to boldness his ancestor with and acknowledgment so, Bharata does not absolutely booty over the head and he states already Rama’s banishment is over he can acknowledgment and booty aback applicable abode in the kingdom. In the Hundi adoration anybody strives to accomplish dharma, to ability the ambition of accepting the individual’s body liberated. Lakshmana and Bharata throughout the adventure prove their ability appear moksha.  Their affectionate acts and the way they put others needs aboriginal appearance that they accept accomplished a aerial akin of morality.  

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