Respiratory System Study Guide

Respiratory System Study guide: Answer the following, abide through the assignments articulation as an msword document. 1. What percent of air is oxygen? 21% of air is oxygen. 2. What is the absolute action of gas barter amid atmosphere and anatomy beef alleged It is alleged respiration. 3. What is the decay artefact of cells? Carbon dioxide is the decay artefact of cells. 4. What organs are amid in the high respiratory tract? The organs that are amid in the high respiratory amplitude are the nose, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, and pharynx. 5. What organs are in the lower respiratory tract? The organs that are amid in the lower respiratory amplitude are the larynx, trachea, bronchial tree, and lungs. 6. What is the action of the nasal cavity? The nasal atrium is area the centralized hairs activate to clarify air. The primary action is to conduct air to the pharynx, area close lining filters and moistens air. 7. What does close do? The close entraps dust and alternative baby particles that access with air. As cilia move, it advance close with dust appear pharynx, area it is swallowed and digested by stomach. . What is the action of the larynx? The action of larynx is to conduct air in and out of trachea, anticipate adopted altar from entering trachea. Also houses the articulate cords. 9. Which lung is larger, the appropriate or the left? The appropriate lung is beyond than the larboard lung. 10. What is laryngitis? Laryngitis is horseness or accident of voice, close film becomes inflames, can account obstruction of airway. 11. What is a bronchoscopy? Bronchoscoy is aftermath acclimated to anon appraise the trachea and bronchial tree. 12. The paranasal sinuses are beating accommodation that affect the affection of articulation and action to _________. Reduce the weight of skull and beating accommodation that affect affection of voice. 13. What is begin aural the trachea that prevents it from annoyed and blocking the airway? Aural the trachea are 20 “C” shaped pieces of cartilage that anticipate it from annoyed and blocking the airway. 14. What is inspiration? Occurs back burden central alveoli decreases and atmospheric burden is greater. 15. What is flat volume? The bulk of air that enters or leaves the lung.

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