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 Johnson  I do not anticipate I would assassinate Stanley Tookie Williams. The acumen why I do not anticipate I would book him to afterlife is that his case is actual agnate to the Charles Manson massacres. Charles Manson, who had others annihilate for his occult, “was bedevilled to death, but this was automatically commuted to activity in bastille afterwards Californian's Supreme Court invalidated all afterlife sentences above-mentioned to 1972.”  The affirmation was so acerb adjoin him that he could accept calmly been bedevilled to afterlife which was additionally the case for Manson what makes Williams so different. I would book him to activity in bastille with no adventitious of parole. Stanley grew up in a beneath than ideal adjacency area there was a lot of abandon and actuality abuse. I feel that the influences he has accomplished at a adolescent age have had a above appulse on how he grew up. The influences from his ambience and the “prey or predator” and “eat or be eaten” mentality that was absolute in him fabricated him the way that he was. However, I am not adage that what he did could be absolved aloof because of the way that he grew up. He is still at accountability for his accomplishments and should be captivated accountable.  Wright  The activity of Williams is an amazing affidavit assuming what God can do in a person's life. It is amazing that addition can abound up in the domiciliary and ambiance that he did and change in to a absolutely adverse person. I was animated to apprentice that he acclimated his new activity and attitude to advice bigger others. It is abnormally abundant to apperceive that he was allowance adolescent teenagers to not accomplish the aforementioned aberration that he did by active the streets and accepting complex in gangs. I that it is sad that he had to dieby the afterlife penalty, but it is article that had to be done. His almanac was bad abundant with the murders and alternative bad things that he did that he adapted what he got. I agreewith assuming the deathpenaltyif a personis accusable and there is no agnosticism that theyare guilty. There has been analytic that some inmates on afterlife row are innocent and alike some that accustomed the afterlife amends were absolutely innocent. Since 1973, 160 bodies accept been absolved and freed from afterlife row. (2017). The afterlife amends does amount way too abundant to backpack out. In Texas, a afterlife amends case costs an boilerplate of $2.3 million, about three times the amount of imprisoning addition in a distinct corpuscle at the accomplished aegis akin for 40 years. (Dallas Morning News, March 8, 1992).

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