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You are a ancestors assistant practitioner (FNP) active as a arrangement (1099 absolute contractor) in a active primary affliction convenance for 2 years. The providers in the accumulation accommodate one physician, who is additionally the buyer of the practice, and two alternative assistant practitioners, who are agents advisers (W2 employees). The buyer of the convenance afresh fabricated comments about the charge to aftermath added revenue. You chronicle with his apropos and feel that you accept several strategies that could be helpful. Your arrangement is up for face-lifting in 3 months. You are awful annoyed with your job and appetite to break with the group. You see 20 patients per day on boilerplate and booty alarm every third weekend. Discussion Question: What agreement strategies should you use to adduce a arrangement renewal? How does your role as a 1099 architect account the convenance over the W2 employees? What affirmation will you present to the convenance to reinforce your amount in the convenance both in agreement of acquirement and accommodating satisfaction? Consider any added casework you may be accommodating to accommodate beneath your contract. Use analytic reasoning, and accommodate evidence-based rationales for your decisions. Keep in apperception that your agreement agreement and altitude charge be aural the acknowledged ambit of convenance for an ANP.

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