Research The Conditions Affecting The Musculoskeletal And The Neurologic Systems. Based On Your Research And Understanding, Respond To One Of The Following Scenarios: A Patient Is Admitted To The Unit. He Is A Diabetic On Chronic Hemodialysis. He Has An

research the altitude affecting the musculoskeletal and the neurologic systems. Based on your analysis and understanding, acknowledge to one of the afterward scenarios:

A accommodating is accepted to the unit. He is a diabetic on abiding hemodialysis. He has an Arteriovenous (A-V) graft, which is annulated anniversary time he undergoes dialysis treatments. You apprehension an breadth on his affix arm that is red and balmy to the touch. He states that he has had this on his arm for several weeks. He asked the dialysis agents about the area, but they told him to administer balmy compresses to the site. The agents at the dialysis centermost continues to use the graft, but they are accurate to abstain the breadth aback they cannulate for his treatments. Now the accommodating presents with acute low aback pain, fever, nausea, and abscess of his lower extremities. On blockage his abnegation serum glucose, you apprehension that the account is 159 (Normal abnegation claret glucose ambit 64 to 110 mg/dl), and his white claret corpuscle calculation is 36,000 (normal ambit is 4,500-10,000 white claret cells/mcl). He states that his sugars were commonly able-bodied controlled, but in the accomplished ten canicule he seems to be acute added insulin.

How would you advance with this patient?

What could be the basal problem?

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