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  Assignment: Address a analysis announcement on the affair of your allotment but aural the framework of HIST 7B (1876 to the present). Your affair MUST be austere by me first. This announcement is a angle of a analysis activity that is acclimated to argue a clairvoyant that your activity is advantageous and can be auspiciously agitated out. Aural the proposal, you charge complete basal analysis – through primary and accessory sources - to authorize a basal framework of your activity and to highlight your basal argument. You will charge to address a abbreviate commodity (two/three paragraphs) that accomplish the claim set alternating below. Additionally, you will charge to acquisition FIVE accessory sources (books, peer-review articles, etc) and THREE primary sources (newspaper article, documents, correspondence, etc). Requirements for your sources are listed below. Prospectus Requirements Working Title for your Project Essay (two/three paragraphs) absolute the following: A annual on your affair that addresses a analysis catechism -  What are you aggravating to accomplish with this project? What is the goal? An overview of how your sources chronicle to your affair - How do your sources abutment your analysis question/topic? A arbitrary of the analysis methods you ability use to complete an absolute analysis project What problems ability you face in accomplishing the analysis or completing? 3. Annotated Bibliography FIVE accessory sources (ie. Book, peer-reviewed, bookish article, biography, essays, etc.) and a abrupt arbitrary of the source. THREE primary sources (ie. First-hand account, interview, bi-weekly article, etc) and a abrupt arbitrary of the source.

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