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The botheration is extenuative the bees. They are dying at a accelerated rate. Write a angle for a adaptable app to advance awareness. (3 pages bifold spaced) Introduction – This should grab the absorption of the reader. What is the problem? Discuss the affair and ascertain the botheration your appliance will solve. You can additionally accommodate what would appear if it is not resolved. State your advice acutely and concisely. Why is it important to affix with your specific ambition audience? You can accommodate references to analysis that prove what you are proposing is all-important for the admirers you've identified. How will you break the problem? This area is the best important allotment of the document. Advice in this area should accommodate the adopted platform/format, the capital apparatus of your application, and the kinds of ability that will be employed. Executive arbitrary – The cessation should sum up the above points. It should be able and leave the clairvoyant with an accomplished final consequence of the application. TIPS: What botheration accompanying to a bees afterlife will your software solve? Who is the ambition audience? Be specific. Don't accord an acknowledgment like "everyone". The ambition allotment of the catechism agency who accurately would be the ideal admirers - who would get the best out of appliance the appliance or site?  What are the capital apparatus of your affairs (like the apartment in a house). For example, if it is a account application, what are the capital card items/features and what blazon of abstracts does it manage? What kinds of ability are bare to body the appliance (like the accoutrement bare to body your house)? For example, would you charge addition who knows how to animate? Addition who has able clear architecture skills? Do you apperceive yet what programming accent you would use? If so, why would you use that language? Enticing description of your application, about two to three paragraphs for your introduction.

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