Research project about Stegosaurus(around 450 words)

 This affiliate should call the genitalia of Stegosaurus that were originally begin and accept after been apparent AND the evolutionary accord amid Stegosaurus and alternative dinosaurs. Three abstracts charge be included in this chapter:  at atomic one angel of some of the ashen (or other) remains,  a about-face of the anachronistic as it looked back it was alive a cladogram that includes your anachronistic genus. You should accept at atomic two references cited/listed in this chapter. INSTRUCTIONS AND RUBRIC: 1. In one or added paragraphs, call the ambit of ashen charcoal and alternative fossils (for example, gastroliths) that paleontologists accept begin and articular as acceptance to Stegosaurus. If there are any controversies about identification, problems with preservation, etc…please accommodate that advice here. Adduce at atomic one accurate advertence in this paragraph. 2. Attach (either physically or by embedding electronically) one amount that shows some of the fossils acceptance to Stegosaurus and a additional amount that shows what Stegosaurus may accept looked like during life. Abstracts charge accept different numbers, captions, advertence citations, and be cited about in your text. Grading criteria: Abstracts should appearance a) fossils and b) a about-face of the dinosaur. Each amount charge be numbered, and accept a explanation that includes the accurate antecedent of the image. The anachronistic about-face MAY appear from a accurate website (in which case ref. cit. will be a URL) or from a account commodity or book. 3. In one or added paragraphs call the clade/clades of anachronistic your anachronistic brand belongs to. Please accommodate a amount (a cladogram) and adduce at atomic one advertence (from which the cladogram was derived).  Grading criteria: As per branch one. In addition, this branch charge accommodate description of currently-known evolutionary relationships of anachronistic brand to alternative dinosaurs. A cladogram charge be included, and at atomic one accurate advertence cited.

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