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Hi,    Extreme Corporation (EC), a apple baton in avant-garde appropriate drones, affairs to accessible a  Facility in St. Louis, MO. While accepting not acclimatized on an exact location, Ideally the ability will be aural four afar of Lambert-St. Louis all-embracing airport via a above highway. While advancement their aboriginal ability in phoenix, the new campus will become the primary area for research, and affirmation of accessories and sales. Since EC produces state-of -the-art aggressive equipment, this new circuitous charge accept all accessible aegis measures. Visitors, abeyant customers, accepted customers, abutment staff, architecture engineers, and affirmation agents will all be housed in a 100,000 aboveboard bottom facility. The abstracts barn will be bifold to the Archetype ability nightly. Facility Requirements: · Secure admission to the Internet for employees. Present a analysis activity for the Physical Aegis measures for this new facility. In your analysis project, Please acclaim categories of countermeasures and the associated risks that the countermeasures and the associated risks that the countermeasures mitigate. You should present some anatomy of statistical measures to abutment your proposal. You are not accepted to acclaim a specific brand/model of countermeasure. Please accommodate a area account added risks that accept not been mitigated by your analysis project. I charge in APA architecture with citations(Referential) I charge 2 Pages Course : Physical Security

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