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Note: this appointment has two genitalia -  An antecedent analysis question, which is account 5 credibility and charge be submitted to me for approval by Thursday, 2/13 at 11:59 pm, and  A final activity submission, which is account 20 credibility and due on 3/3 at 12:00 pm.  ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW: Using Asian Religion in America: A Documentary History as your alone source, analysis a affair of your best accompanying to the role of Asian religions in the United States. Then,  present your allegation in a analysis cardboard or in one of the addition activity formats listed at the basal of this page.  This altercation covers a advanced ambit of time periods and includes primary abstracts from a advanced ambit of voices. Your affair could focus on such issues as: missionary activities, alteration accessible perceptions of a accurate Asian religious attitude in the United States, the dynamics of clearing as they are accomplished by associates of a assertive faith,  intergenerational dynamics, gender, the activity of conversion, the role of Asian religions in U.S. accepted culture, and more.  The activity charge draw aloft AT LEAST 4 abstracts from the arbiter and charge be accommodate a axial altercation (thesis).  You may use the Neusner arbiter for accomplishments information, but for the best part, all of your analysis should be aural the Tweed and Prothero text. Part One:  Your aboriginal footfall is to advance and abide a analysis catechism for my approval.  I acclaim that you burrow into the arbiter to acquisition a affair that catches your interest. You may appetite to focus on the “introductions” to Allotment I, II, III, and IV, as these accommodate an overview of the readings in anniversary section. As you analysis the text, codify a catechism about a affair that interests you. You ability appetite to alpha broadly, again alter and focus your catechism afterwards you apprehend more.  The book’s basis is a abundant tool—use it!           For example, your antecedent catechism ability be: “How did Buddhism appear to America?”            Abetter focused catechism ability be: “What role did American converts comedy in bringing Zen Buddhism to North American?” Once you accept your question, abide it to me by Thursday, 2/13 at 11:59 pm. I will either accord you the abounding 5 credibility and acquaint you to move advanced with the activity or ask you to alter and resubmit the question. You accept the advantage to acquire up to the abounding 5 credibility if you alter and resubmit the question.   Part Two:  Your abutting footfall is to accomplishment account your sources and address a paper, or advance an alternating project, that answers your analysis question.  I animate you NOT to argue alfresco sources. If you cannot acquisition abundant readings on your affair in the textbook, advance a new question.  ************************ *POSSIBLE FORMATS FOR THE PROJECT:  -A acceptable analysis paper: 5-6 pages long. You may use any commendation adjustment (MLA or Chicago), as continued as you are consistent.  Keep in apperception that any words taken anon from addition altercation should be in commendation marks. -A agenda story, developed application iMovie or agnate software. The adventure should be 4-5 account continued and may accommodate added alfresco sources (visual materials). Be abiding to accommodate a final frame/ angel that provides commendation for all of your sources.  -A podcast, approximately 4-5 account long. The podcast should be based on an aboriginal calligraphy of your conception but may accommodate abbreviate audio clips from alternative sources. Be abiding to abide a chat certificate with your podcast that provides citations for all of your sources.  -A historically abreast ethnographic report. (Depending on your accepted location, this advantage may not be a achievability for anybody in the class). Accept a religious attitude that is discussed in the Asian Religions in America text.  Appear an accident aural that tradition, and address a 5-6 folio ethnographic report. If you accept this option, you alone charge to adduce 2 documentsfrom the arbiter in your report. Use these abstracts to accommodate a contextual accomplishments for your observations. While the ethnographic address does not charge to accept a abutting apriorism account like a analysis paper, it should accept a analytic faculty of focus. A acceptable way to get started is to appear up with a account of questions that you’d like to apprentice added about afore you appear the event.  Do some informal, basic analysis afore going.  You ability accede allurement a acquaintance if you could appear a religious account with them. Then, back you are there, pay abutting absorption to the arrangement of action.  Note who is there (Who participates?  Who leads, who follows?  How do bodies interact?).  Note the use of accent and the use of space.  Pay absorption to all bristles senses. What do you see, hear, feel, smell, aftertaste (if relevant)?   Afterwards the event, as anon as you can, address bottomward aggregate you can remember, in stream-of-consciousness style.  These addendum will again serve as a “springing off” point for your final write-up. **************************** GRADE BREAKDOWN: INITIAL RESEARCH QUESTION AND REVISION: 5 credibility - you may resubmit as abounding times as all-important to acquire the abounding 5 points! FINAL  PROJECT: 20 points Level of assurance with chic material: 10 pts             (The activity demonstrates anxious and deep-reaching assurance with the textbook)  Quality of analysis: 5 pts             (The activity goes above arbitrary to accomplish an aboriginal altercation that is acutely focused and able-bodied supported)  Writing or presentation quality: 5 pts              (For accounting projects: The cardboard uses able grammar, spelling, and commendation methods. The autograph is disconnected into paragraphs with bright affair sentences.)              (For alternating projects such as agenda belief and podcasts: the activity is acutely organized, application able visuals and/ or audio components. The all-embracing calligraphy is acutely your own; alfresco visuals and complete clips are acclimated selectively and with care)  the book website : the alone affair appropriate to do alone allotment one , allotment two will be appropriate in addition appointment posts . I charge to booty allotment one appointment and get advised by the assistant afore accomplishing the allotment two. allotment one bare to do allotment two but alone allotment one is appropriate in this post. appropriate alone to do address a catechism and explain why you accept this catechism and what blazon of analysis cardboard you're gonna use in allotment two . 

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