Research Paper on Smart Homes

Write an 8-page (excluding references page) Word document, double-spaced, account at atomic 10 specifications/functions/technologies and the system(s) complex in the Acute Homes.  Your cardboard should accommodate a cardinal of affair sections, anniversary accoutrement a technology/idea and accouterment the following:  1. A branch for the technology  2. A description of the technology  3. The blueprint for the technology.           a. What is its purpose?           b. What operations it performs.           c. What are its inputs (resources, interfaces, back used).          d. What are its outputs (interfaces, data).           e. How does the technology accommodate aural the system.          f. How important is the technology to the system.  Your cardboard should achieve with a area the describes:  1. The all-embracing system.  2. The system’s all-embracing purpose.  3. The system’s complexity/cost/feasibility.  4. Any constraints or risks begin during the research.  5. How the assorted technologies accommodate to achieve the arrangement goals.  To accept abounding acclaim for this assignment, you charge not alone certificate the acute technology/ideas but additionally certificate how these acute account are chip as processes aural a system. You charge accommodate at atomic 10 references with citations.  

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