Research Paper on How Stress Affects your Body

Begin this allocation of your Semester Project alone afterwards your Summary Paragraph, Apriorism Account and Research Question(s) from antecedent appointment submissions accept been accustomed by your professor.  Your aboriginal and additional sources will be called from the accessible web (located via chase engines like Google). Apply the CRAAP analysis to abeyant sources to actuate validity.  Using the "Write Submission" tab beneath to actualize a argument box, amuse accumulation the following: State your professor-approved Apriorism Statement. Appellation of Aboriginal Antecedent (title of webpage or web article). URL (web address) of Aboriginal Source. Based aloft CRAAP analysis criteria, explain why you accept this antecedent to be reliable and trustworthy. In your own words, briefly call how this antecedent serves to acknowledgment your Research Questions and supports your Summary Branch and Apriorism Statement. Find a absolute citation from this antecedent and adhesive it in the argument box beneath (this citation should chronicle anon to your apriorism account and accommodate a acceptable archetype of why you called this source). For the in-text and bibliography (Reference Page) citations bare later, accommodate the afterward advice to acclaim this called quotation: Author(s) aftermost name(s) (if available; if no author(s) listed, use up to the aboriginal three words of the commodity title). Date of publication/last update. Page numbers (if available; if not, agenda the cardinal of the branch the citation comes from). REPEAT the aloft 10 accomplish for your SECOND accessible web source. REMEMBER: You are accomplishing this twice, already for Antecedent #1 and already for Antecedent #2. Amuse accept this appointment complete and submitted via Blackboard by Monday, December 2 at 11:59pm.

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