Research Paper on AWS Storage S3, Aurora Data base

Thesis Cardboard should cover How ransomware could be abhorred with AWS accumulator abnormally AWS S3 Storage- Explain ransomware advance with enterprises how it could be abhorred with AWS Storage -----> Start with this Introduction  Main Apriorism Statement: (To be included in Introduction) AWS Accumulator is acute for every business to aggrandize faster, be bigger positioned to appropriate arising opportunities, and abstain ransomware attacks because it provides bargain abstracts accumulator with aerial durability, availability, and security. Main cardboard should awning the beneath in Detail: (Methodology and Advantages/Disadvantages) Amazon S3-S3 Glacier, Amazon EFS, and Amazon EBS (Explain Availability Vs Durability) Amazon Aurora database alive in all the aloft three availability zones. S3-Transferring ample amounts of abstracts (Explain advancement onsite Vs offsite - frequently acclimated vs old data)- AWS Snowball, AWS Snowmobile  Paper Structure (APA Format) Abstract Introduction (this should awning apriorism statement) Literature Review Methodology (Include Pictures would be helpful) Advantages/Disadvantages- Findings Conclusion References

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