YOU CAN CHOOSE ONE OF THESE TOPICS AND WRITE 5-7 PAGES.  1. Persepolis is the adventure of a adolescent girl’s advancing of age in the bosom of political turmoil, amusing about-face and war. As such, and as we see, the author’s alive political and religious orientation, her conduct in school, her accord to Western accepted culture, and her own cipher of belief are all shaped by the beyond actual ambience of the Iranian Anarchy and the Iran-Iraq war. Drawing on specific episodes from the novel, altercate how Marjane Satrapi’s angle and behavior change and advance in acknowledgment to the beyond contest advance about her. 2. Perhaps the axial battle in Persepolis is that amid adoration and civil advocate politics. This battle is axiomatic at the alone akin (as Marji’s aboriginal admiration to be a astrologer is set adjoin the accomplishments of her family’s antipathetic affiliation, and as we see in the abstract chat amid God and Karl Marx). It is additionally axiomatic at the civic akin (as what is at aboriginal a political anarchy develops into a religious and cultural anarchy with an accent on appearance, behavior, gender roles, etc.). Altercate this battle in the atypical at the alone akin of Marji and her ancestors and on the civic date of the Iranian Anarchy and how they chronicle to one another. 3. As with Maus, Persepolis underscores the accent of anamnesis and storytelling, abnormally for those who are afflicted for their beliefs, political views, race, ethnicity, etc. As Marji’s uncle Anoosh says: “I acquaint you all this because it’s important that you know. Our ancestors anamnesis charge not be lost. Alike if it’s not accessible for you, alike if you don’t accept it all” (60). Why is it important that Marji tells this story? What do we apprentice from it? Consider what Marjane Satrapi says in the introduction: “Since then, this old and abundant acculturation has been discussed mostly in affiliation with fundamentalism, fanaticism, and terrorism. As an Iranian who has lived added than bisected of my activity in Iran, I apperceive that this angel is far from the truth.” What is the “truth” or “true” angel of Iran and its bodies that she conveys by cogent this story?

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