Research Paper About Global Cities(Wiki Page)

  READ EVERYTHING BEFORE SENDING YOUR BID. In this Wiki page, your focus is alone on Dubai !!. amuse characterization anniversary part. I will attach an archetype of the wiki page. Answer all catechism PLEASE  Here are the 3 parts. PART I:  Provide a abrupt history of the city.  What are its demographics and how accept they afflicted over time?  Please additionally abode the city’s concrete and amusing geography.    Include a altercation of bread-and-butter asperity actuality – is asperity present? (Minimum: 600 words) Things to accede for Allotment I: How the burghal has changed, decidedly aural the 20th century The city’s demographic by ethnicity – how abounding adopted born? The city’s demographic by chic – who are the “haves” and the “have-nots”? The city’s concrete and amusing geography. What groups of bodies alive where? PART II:  How has the burghal been afflicted by globalization?  Please accommodate the city’s bread-and-butter and cultural contributions at the minimum.  If applicable, you may additionally administer the city’s political contributions.  Feel chargeless to use a Global Burghal Index as a foundation for answering this question.  (Minimum: 600 words) Things to accede for Allotment II: Recent clearing trends Tourism (who visits the city?) The city’s role in overextension some cultural acquaintance about the world Industries that boss the city’s economy The attendance of bunch corporations (MNCs) International political presence PART III:  What does the approaching authority for this city? In alternative words, how do the globalizing trends that you accept declared in Allotment II affect the affairs for your city? (Minimum: 600 words) Things to accede for Allotment III: Signs that the bread-and-butter bolt of the burghal is changing. Are there cogent changes in industry? Signs that the cultural bolt of the burghal is changing.  Are there cogent changes in demography? How is the burghal planning for the future? Is there a cardinal plan? Format: Be accurate to abstain appropriation by citation all sources, whether accounting or electronic. You are encouraged to add beheld agreeable to your page. Unless you are creating aboriginal content, you MUST accommodate acclaim to the source!

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