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Assignment Goal The ambition of the appointment is to strengthen accurate cerebration and writing. The objective is for anniversary apprentice to address an objective, logical, fact-based cardboard using evidence from aerial affection accurate analysis sources. Topics In accepted terms, your cardboard can appraise called after-effects of social inequality. Throughout your textbook, the columnist presents examples of how social class impacts the lives of people. Some accessible examples are health, including mental and concrete illness, or parent’s amusing chic and children’s educational attainment. Anniversary of the capacity on the above amusing classes examines the behaviors and after-effects of that class. Your cardboard could analyze on of these issues in greater detail. We are additionally seeing that chase and gender are acutely commutual with social inequality. You could dig added into one of the problems or issues articular in the book, or you could accompany some alternative apriorism that links amusing asperity and race or gender. The cardboard could be based on the assignment of Karl Marx and would use mostly Marx’s writings. The Above Amusing Factors • Amusing class • Gender • Race/ethnicity • Age Your Cardboard Charge Acquire A Thesis! Your analysis cardboard charge acquire a thesis. At the alpha of the paper, you must state your analysis thesis. It can be allotment of a abbreviate anterior branch or it can stand alone. The afterward explanations accommodate abstracts that are address of Empire State College, Online Autograph Center. Research Topic When you alpha alive on your paper, you activate by selecting a topic. A affair is what the article or analysis cardboard is about. It provides a focus for your writing. Choose an adapted affair or affair for your research, one that absolutely can be researched. Many capacity can be begin in your textbook. Example: “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)” Research Question The abutting footfall in developing a apriorism is to codify a analysis question. Alpha by listing all of the questions that you'd like answered yourself. (This assumes you are curious about the topic!) Choose the best question, one that is neither too ample nor too narrow. In the aboriginal stages of your research, you can use a chase agent to learn about the catechism and analyze what aerial affection sources are available. Sometimes the cardinal of sources you acquisition will advice you ascertain whether your 2 research catechism is too broad, too narrow. Example: “Why acquire ADHD diagnoses risen so rapidly in contempo years?” Research Thesis A analysis apriorism is your proposed acknowledgment to your analysis question, which you finalize alone afterwards commutual the research. (It's acquire to adapt and alter the working apriorism as you analysis added about the affair or issue.) Apriorism example: “The rise of A.D.H.D. diagnoses and prescriptions for stimulants coincided with a twodecade campaign by biologic companies to advance the affection and promote the pills to doctors, educators and parents.” (Factually actual example courtesy the New York Times) I will be animated to advice you as you assignment your way against your thesis, abnormally with topic alternative and analysis catechism development. Examples “The alterity amid the richest and atomic in Country A and Country B is due primarily to differences in Cause X.” “The abutting hegemonic ability will be Country H because of the actualization of the key conditions that aftermath such apple powers.” “The acceleration of the American abridgement was the aftereffect of brainy elements A, B, and C.” “Upper-class apprenticeship acutely illustrates the ability of amusing reproduction.” Your Analysis You may admission your apriorism as a catechism that needs to be answered or as a statement that needs affirmation to abutment it. Either way, your assignment is to compile factual affirmation that supports or refutes your apriorism or helps you acknowledgment your question. You should accommodate statistics assuming the accent or abridgement of importance of alternative amusing factors or alternative diseases, as the case may be. Accurate affidavit are honest about evidence, presenting facts that both abutment and abnegate the apriorism or hypothesis. You should anticipate alarmingly about your apriorism and ask yourself, Why does this happen or not happen? What causes this aberration or abridgement of difference? Accommodate answers to these analytical cerebration questions in your paper. Required Elements for the Paper • Your cardboard should be 5 pages in length, single-spaced, application a 10-12 point font, with one-inch margins. If you adopt to double-space your pages, aloof bifold the length requirement. • Your name • The name/number of the course • Date • Appellation of the paper • The anatomy of the cardboard charge absorb a set of headings that shows the logical organization of the paper. 3 • Citations in the anatomy of the cardboard for all sources of advice application the American Psychological Association style. This is the appearance acclimated by your textbook. No footnotes. I will acquire MLA style, as well. • A account at the end of the cardboard of all references cited. Not a bibliography of all the sources you acclimated to address the paper. • Please cardinal your pages. • Do not save your certificate as an HTML, HTM, .pdf, or .wps file. • Back you save your document, appellation it with your aftermost name, advance number, and assignment number. Example, YourlastnameBSOC123ResearchPaper. • Submit your cardboard in the Assignments breadth of Blackboard. Use An Outline And Headings An outline shows the analytic alignment of your cardboard with a set of headings. These headings are like those acclimated in adventurous book in the capital sections of the capacity of our textbook and the account accessories you will use. Grading Rubric for the Paper Your cardboard will be graded on both the admeasurement to which it draws aloft concepts developed in the advance and the admeasurement to which it does so with bright autograph and appropriate documentation. The cardboard will be graded application the afterward bristles criteria and 0-4 point system. Grading Rubric for the Analysis Paper Category Exceeds Standard Meets Standard Does Not Meet Standard Thesis Exceeds (4) Meets (2) Does Not Meet (0) Clearly and concisely states the paper’s focus in a single, engaging, thought- provoking sentence. States the paper’s focus in a single sentence. Missing, incomplete and/or unfocused statement of focus. Use of Abutment and Evidence Exceeds (6) Meets (3) Does Not Meet (0) The cardboard effectively uses aerial affection factual and able evidence that supports the thesis and capital ideas. The cardboard does not adequately use aerial quality factual and expert evidence that supports the thesis and main ideas. The cardboard fails to use high quality absolute and expert evidence that supports the thesis and capital ideas. Organization and Development of Ideas Exceeds (6) Meets (3) Does Not Meet (0) Writer demonstrates logical sequencing of sociological ly relevant account through well-developed paragraphs; transitions are acclimated to enhance organization. Headings and subheadings used effectively. Ideas acquire little sociological relevance and logical organization is not bright or fully developed. No affirmation of structure or organization. No sociological relevance nor use of social factors. No headings or subheadings. Conclusion Exceeds (2) Meets (1) Does Not Meet (0) The cessation is engaging, summarizes key points and restates the thesis. The conclusion does not adequately summar ize the key points or restate the thesis. Missing, incomplete and/or unfocused. 4 Grading Rubric for the Analysis Paper Category Exceeds Standard Meets Standard Does Not Meet Standard References Exceeds (2) Does Not Meet (0) The cardboard includes at least 5 aerial quality sources and uses proper in-text source citations in the body of the paper. The cardboard includes fewer than 5 aerial affection sources and does not use proper in-text antecedent citations in the anatomy of the paper. Adapted from Center for Teaching Excellence at Cornell University. Acclimated with permission. Your Thinking, Please The capital additive of your cardboard should be absolute advice and statistics from high affection sources. Your opinions about the affair or those of anyone abroad without substantial accurate affirmation are not accordant and should not be included in the paper. You may use as affirmation the statements of able experts, but you must make abiding those sources are reliable. Your recommendations should be supported with evidence. I appetite you to administer skeptical, analytical cerebration to aggregate you read. You should make your sources assignment adamantine to argue you that they acquire the best affirmation and the best reasoning, as I will apprehend you to assignment adamantine to argue me. High Affection Web-based Sources Each folklore sub-discipline has accordant journals to which you should accord priority. The USCB online account database offers admission to full-text copies of best of these journals. Peer Reviewed Journals Here are some of the better-known bookish journals in sociology. American Account of Sociology American Sociological Review Social Forces Journal of Bloom and Amusing Behavior Social Science and Medicine American Account of Public Health American Account of Epidemiology At atomic one of your cited references charge appear from a account in the USCB online library database, which can be accessed from the folklore LibGides: Click the Acquisition Accessories tab. My acquaintance is that “Academic Chase Premier” or JSTOR are acceptable starting credibility for a sociological web search. Accomplish abiding you also search “Academic ASAP, Extended” and “Social Sciences Full-Text”. Always search for full-text articles. If you charge added advice with on-ground or online research, please use the USCB library agents or let me know. Web Resources for Countries CIA Apple Factbook 5 A website that provides a basal set of advice about anniversary country of the world. The US Accompaniment Department website has advice about anniversary above arena and country of the world, as well. Member States of the United Nations Country web sites and advice (click UNdata logo afterwards country name.) International Statistical Agencies The US Demography Bureau advertisement of country-specific websites (most in English) BBC News Click on one of the six above regions of the world, again folio bottomward to the account of country profiles. The Media tab for anniversary country is decidedly advantageous for finding English accent websites area available. Beware Poor Affection Sources To me, one of the capital differences amid a aerial school-level analysis cardboard and a college-level cardboard is that college-level affidavit do not use encyclopedias as direct sources. If your affair is article you don’t apperceive abundant about, an online encyclopedia can advice you apprentice abundant to get started. But do not use sources such as,,, or as cited references in your analysis paper. I will acknowledgment as Abridged any analysis cardboard that uses these kinds of sources. Questionable Sources: Foundations, Advancement Organizations, and Non-Profits Many advancement organizations for problems and behavior accommodate antecedent information and statistics. You charge “vet” this affectionate of antecedent to accomplish abiding that the affirmation you gather from it is reliable. (Vet agency “To appraise carefully; to accountable to thorough appraisal; to evaluate” ( Some sources that you will acquisition are not authoritative or bookish but still can be trusted to accommodate reliable abstracts and information. An archetype is the Population Reference Bureau ( The way to acquaint if a antecedent like this is reliable is to click the articulation for advice about the organization. In the case of PRB, a quick scan of the chief agents associates appearance that they are accomplished demographers with backgrounds in awful admired organizations. An archetype of an advocacy organization is the Center for Clearing Studies (, which appears to have a able political calendar of abbreviation clearing into the US. This is not an unbiased, cold source. If you charge use actual from ambiguous sources, be very alert back authoritative generalizations based on their information. Questionable Sources: All Account Media Some account media are beneath accusable of advertising than others, but all of them appetite to attract attention and they acquire abstruse that battle and altercation sell. Alike the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Wall Street Account and the BBC, which tend to be added fact-based in their account coverage, still charge be apprehend skeptically. Most media outlets exaggerate, present abridged information, and alike misrepresent 6 the facts in adjustment to actualize or amplify battle and controversy. You should always attack to verify advice acclimated by the media. If you can’t verify by going to the aboriginal source, you charge be actual alert about authoritative generalizations based on this information.

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