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  Instructions Study the photograph in being for at atomic 10 minutes.  Get abutting to abstraction the capacity (still apropos the arcade rules).  Use a pencil to accomplish addendum about aggregate you see. Write bottomward advice you charge to accommodate (see below).  Don't depend on attractive at the snapshot later, as it will not be the same.   When you get home, use your addendum to address a 2-3 folio angel analysis.  Please accommodate all the advice apparent below, and chase the guidelines.   What to write A commendation for the photograph (write it yourself). Provide the artist's name (last name, aboriginal name), the appellation of the artwork in italics, the date of creation, and medium, again location. Example: Goya, Francisco. The Family of Charles IV. 1800, lithograph, Museo del Prado, Madrid. Describe the photograph in attention to connotation. Describe what the photograph communicates. (hint: what are the ideas, meaning, topics, things, feelings, all-embracing impressions, etc?) Describe how the photograph communicates. (hint: how do the choices of composition, objects, color, context, presentation, medium, etc. acquaint the ideas?  Example: The aberrant vertical curve accord to a activity of action and movement.) Describe the celebrated ambience of the photograph. How was this photograph important in the ambience of the time it was made, and now? (hint: what were the amusing or political motivations?) If the address is altered from what was accepted at the time it was made, altercate why that is important.   Guidelines Please chase all these guidelines. Writing should be 2-3 pages long.   Formatting: 1-inch borders, analogously bifold spaced, 12-point font, ONLY Times or Times New Roman font, Only 2 curve for name and appointment title, no added lines, no abandoned lines. Optional: folio numbers alone central borders. If you appetite to add images, do so alone at the end of the text.   Sources:   Use at atomic two aerial affection sources, including: A paper-based, text-based, book book. A credible electronic antecedent accessible through the Ohlone Library (example: account article). Please do not use blogs, wikipedia, videos or advance pages.  Include MLA appearance in-text citations and commendation page.  Use quotes minimally, and alone back apery is not enough.

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