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Chapter 34, “Turning Crisis into Opportunity Address the afterward questions: 1 What are the pros and cons of accepting accident admiral as part-time assignments aural altered functions and business units? 2. Do you anticipate that companies charge to acquaintance a crisis to booty accident seriously? Major Homework Requirements The appointment assignments are not assessment compositions, or a book, chapter, or commodity review. These assignments are positional arguments that are absolutely accurate by empiric affirmation and well-known industry facts. You can include your personal adventures and account if it anon relates to the topic, or reinforces your position. However, you charge support all statements with evidence. All submissions charge attach to APA guidelines. APA autograph is an bookish standard; therefore, it is not optional, it is mandatory. Points are deducted if your acquiescence does not attach to the afterward requirements: Be a bookish submission Include a appellation page Times New Roman font, 1-inch margin, and double-spaced Be at atomic two pages in length Should not abide of any bullet-points Have a advertence folio with at atomic three bookish references You CANNOT use Wikipedia, LinkedIn articles, blogs, paid vendors, acceptance websites, or agnate sources in bookish writing. You CAN use reputable industry accessories from publications similar to ComputerWeekly, PCMag, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or agnate sources. Bookish journals and popular industry accessories are attainable in the university’s library databases and Google Scholar. All references should not accept a advertisement date earlier than 2005. Be accounting in a bright and abridged manner Contains acknowledged phrases, as an example “shouldn't" "couldn't" or "didn't,” or similar Uses ambiguous words such as "proper," "appropriate," "adequate," or agnate to call a process, function, or a procedure. As an example, "proper adventure acknowledgment plan," "appropriate IT professional," "adequate security," or similar. These words are abstract because they accept a altered acceptation to altered individuals. Does not adhere to the University's bookish artifice and appropriation policies.

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