Research Paper

1.   Your cardboard will be 10 abounding pages, including footnotes.  Not 9, not 11.  Why 10 pages, you ask?  It is absolutely harder to address a 10 folio cardboard than it is to address a 15 or 20 folio paper.  You charge be bright and abstain the accompaniment that is generally independent in best papers.  What is filler?  Accompaniment is added “stuff” that aloof fills pages but adds little or no amount to your paper. 2.   Addition (10%):  Your addition will not be best than two pages. 3.   Thesis Statement: (10%):  Immediately afterwards your introduction, you charge present a bright apriorism statement.  In simplistic terms, a apriorism account is the basic point of your cardboard that tells the clairvoyant what you intend to altercate afterwards in your paper.  You charge chat your apriorism statement, as follows:  “My apriorism account is . . . .”  The apriorism account should not be best than two sentences, and commonly one is sufficient. 4.   Road Map (5%):  Immediately afterwards your apriorism statement, you charge accommodate a bright alley map to let the clairvoyant apperceive breadth you are activity with your paper.  Chat your alley map, as follows:  “My cardboard will aboriginal briefly analyze . . . , followed by . . . .   Finally I will avert my apriorism by . . . .“  Your alley map should be alone a few sentences, but it charge be clear. 5.   Accomplishments (10%):  Next, accommodate a abrupt but bright accomplishments of your topic.  This may alone be one folio or less. 6.   Argument/Defending Your Apriorism (50%):  Now we are at the meat of the paper, arresting your apriorism statement.  This charge be at atomic bristles abounding pages, and you charge use your analysis to avert your thesis.  This is the hardest allotment of your paper, and this is breadth you charge to focus your time and energy.  Why?  This is breadth acceptance abort in their Capstone theses (I don’t beggarly absolutely fail, but they lose a lot of points).  Acceptance either present poor arguments or they present no arguments at all.  You will present bright arguments, accurate by your research, to avert your thesis.  Last three credibility in this breadth --- (1) Conclusory statements charge be accurate with your research; (2) Do not use afflictive accent which amounts to alone an opinion, such as:  “Those who abutment basic abuse are idiots.”  (This absolutely came from a student); and (3) You charge to ample in audacious gaps.  For example, one student’s absolute apriorism argued that the break of abbey and accompaniment article in the Constitution was misinterpreted by the Supreme Court and that adoration should be in schools, government, etc.  The audacious gap was, accustomed the student’s arguments, what did the break article mean?  This was not addressed. 7.  Conclusion (5%):  Conclude your cardboard in one folio or less. Finally, a few alternative points: 1.   Grade:  The allocation explanation for anniversary area of your cardboard is accent aloft (in yellow).  As you can see, 50% of your cardboard is the altercation section, which is why I say it is your basic focus. 2.   References/Proper Use of The Bluebook OR APA (10%):  You charge use a minimum of 15 bookish references.  You may use a advertence added than once, but it still alone counts as 1 of the 15.  Bookish references are not Wikipedia, blogs, or crazy websites. 3.   Formatting:  Double amplitude your cardboard and use a 12 point chantry of your choice.  Do not accommodate a appellation page, abstract, endnotes, or bibliography/reference page.  4.   Topic:   Accept a affair of absorption to you.  If you don’t feel affection for the accountable matter, accept addition topic.

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