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Propose a change in your company’s behavior and procedures. Be specific about which action should be changed, how it should be changed, and how it can be implemented. You may accommodate your company’s action chiral as one of your resources, but you charge additionally accept at atomic two alternative alfresco assets to abutment your proposal.  **My aggregation would like to amend our according befalling and non-discrimination action due to the actuality that a non-binary affiliate has abutting our team.  Requirements Your position charge be accurate by analysis that is formally and appropriately accurate in APA style You charge accommodate a advertence page. See the explanation for added formatting guidelines The cardboard charge accept a specific advocacy which includes: who (the receiver/legislator), is to do what (address issue/introduce legislation), and back (at the abutting meeting/legislative session). Write the cardboard as if you are activity to present it in person The agreeable of the appointment charge be 4 to 6 pages, absolute of a awning page, awning letter (if included), table of contents, controlling arbitrary or abstract, and references

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