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The Change Action Cardboard will amalgamate assay and claimed reflection. This cardboard should focus on allegory a aloft change action in your business, college, or school. Back autograph this paper, you should absorb analogue and models that were discussed in class. The cardboard should be 10-12 pages (double spaced, excluding appellation and advertence pages) and chase the architecture categorical in the UC Dissertation Handbook and include, at minimum, the areas acclaimed below. In addition, the cardboard should accommodate all-encompassing use of references from associate advised journals and alternative acclaimed sources. Please accredit to APA 7th Edition Professional appearance guidelines for specifics.  Areas to accede back absorption on your initiative:  • Geographic ambience (include advice about area the alignment is located, its culture, and demographic characteristics)  • The authoritative mission  • What prompted the change initiative(s)?  • Who accomplished the change?  • What was the ambition of the change?  • Were there problems forth the way?  • How were the problems addressed?  • How did the change appulse the constituents?  • How the change action advised the individual.  • How the change action advised groups.  • How dissension, if there was any, was handled.  • How did the change appulse the mission of the organization?   Paper Format  Title Page  Chapter I. Introduction  • This is area you present a abbreviate arbitrary on the accent of your called affair and purpose of the paper.  Chapter II. Literature Review  • This is area you will abridge the advice and abstracts from your references.  • All-encompassing altercation of the areas acclaimed aloft in affiliation to concepts discussed in class.  Chapter III. Analysis  • This is area you accommodate your own assay of your affair anchored in actuality and reason  Chapter IV. Summary  • Abridge the acceptation of your analysis  References Page

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