Research Paper

   1. Brief arbitrary of the organization. 2. Synopsis of the authoritative challenges (Step 1 on the analytic approach) · What is the aloft cardinal issue? · Accommodate the facts and examples to abutment the account of the problem. · Altercate key issues that arete the discussion. 3. Who are the assorted individuals and what allotment do they play? (Step 2 on the analytic approach) · What challenges, threats, or opportunities do they pose? · Explain the role of administration in the situation. · Accommodate any ecology issues that should be considered. As you altercate these areas to abode the aboriginal allocation of the analytic framework, accommodate examples and assay to abutment your discussion.  Step 2 Now that you accept laid the foundation of the problem, explain how the approach you researched applies. Accommodate in abyss assay with your commodity as the capital evidence.  1. Explain the author’s accepted appearance on the called authoritative approach and how it relates to your problem. 2. Accommodate key indicators that the columnist applies from approach to the abstraction in authoritative behavior. 3. Altercate what you accept are the best accordant portions of the commodity that tie the approach and concepts with your authoritative affair to actualize an account for the problem. In alternative words, if you had to explain the authoritative affair to someone, how would you chronicle it to what the columnist has stated? Step 3 The final activity (Step 3) in the analytic framework is recommendations. Based on your research, use this final footfall to accommodate advocacy affairs for the problem. Do you appetite to resolve, solve, or deliquesce the problem? Consider the after-effects as able-bodied for the plan of activity in your recommendation. Use alive account and assay to abutment your plan. Describe area you see your personality appearance applicable into your advocacy for the alignment to accomplish your plan work, to tie in the antecedent papers. Apply what you accept abstruse through Scripture, anecdotic how the Lord can advance your strengths to apparatus the advocacy plan.     1. Use proper, accepted APA architecture for every aspect of the paper. Be abiding to accommodate the APA-formatted awning page, abstract, and advertence page. Refer to your APA chiral for advice or this armpit for assistance:  2. Write in aboriginal person—this is accustomed due to the claimed attributes of the assignment. 3. To facilitate the instructor’s allocation of these assignments, you charge accept aloft headings for Footfall 1, Footfall 2, and Footfall 3. Additionally, beneath the aloft headings, you charge accept subheadings as you see fit for the categorical instructions. 4. The exact cardinal of paragraphs that you accommodate in anniversary area is your decision; your adviser will not be allocation you on how abounding paragraphs you acclimated per section, but rather the admeasurement to which you accurately addressed anniversary of the areas above. 5. The 8–10 appropriate pages do not accommodate the appellation page, abstruse page, or advertence page. Those charge be counted as added pages.     The advertence folio charge accommodate a minimum of the 5 afterward references in accepted APA architecture (all sources charge be axiomatic aural the paper): · The accustomed commodity for research · The advance textbook(s)  · 2 alternative bookish sources from a peer-reviewed journal, · At atomic 1 of the audio PowerPoint Lessons from any of the modules/weeks appropriately far assigned.

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