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   REQUIREMENTS external environment A. Natural environment -growing baptize scarcity -energy availability a growing problem B. Societal environment -economic -technological -political legal -sociocultural C. assignment environment -north America bazaar complete and acutely competitive- acute customer appeal aerial affection with low amount in safe, environmentally complete products -industry activity all-around as arctic America and European firms aggrandize internationally -rivalry high -buyers ability low -distributors ability high -threat of substitutes - access barriers high D. situational analysis( SWOT) 1. Strengths -quality maytag culture -Maytag acclaimed and admired brand -Hoover’s all-embracing orientation -core competencies in action R&D and manufacturing 2. Weakness -lack of banking assets of competitors -poor all-around positioning, about anemic on Europe continent -dependent on baby dealers -marketing needs improvement 3. Opportunity -economic affiliation of European community -demographics favor quality -trend to superstores 4. Threats -trend to superstore -aggressive rivals - Japanese apparatus companies E. analysis of accepted mission and objectives

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