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  Annotated Bibliography for Assay Paper (Advance Abode Appointment assigned anniversary above-mentioned to Residency) Purpose:  You will acclimated these accessories for your alone abode paper. Provide an annotated bibliography advertisement at atomic three altered authoritative, alfresco references acceptable for use in the abode assay paper.   The assay accessories should abode the aforementioned arising trend in abstracts analytics and business intelligence and how the trend is actuality activated in organizations currently. Articles you adjudge to accommodate in for your annotated bibliography appointment should be substantive, peer-reviewed, appear from the full-text University of Cumberlands library (so you can download it)  8-10 pages long, beneath than FIVE years old, and the accountable amount charge additionally be in your text.  Accessories that are short, do not accommodate abundant actuality to be able to use for RESIDENCY project.   The agreeable of anniversary annotated bibliography access should be a solid 2 paragraphs continued minimum. A appellation folio should accompany the Annotated Bibliography followed by the entries.  An archetype of one access for the annotated bibliography is below. The three altered sources charge appear from altered Academic Journals. Abide your annotated bibliography as a Word document.   Also, you charge to access abounding argument or pdf copies of all accessories and abide them with the annotated bibliography. You will abide the annotated bibliography forth with the 3 full-text accessories in the aforementioned acquiescence breadth articulation with your annotated bibliography submitted aboriginal application the aforementioned acquiescence articulation amid in this module.  You bang the articulation aloft abutting to the figure of the appointment to abide your appointment (upper left).  You no best charge to abide it to the accumulation repository.  These Abode appointment has afflicted to an alone assignment.  These accessories will be acclimated for your own abode paper. The Annotated Bibliography is with 100 points. All are submitted to this articulation as altered abstracts with the Annotate Bibliography submitted first. If you accept any questions, amuse acquaintance me EARLY in the week.  Make abiding you accept apprehend the examples I accept provided.  I can't say abundant that these assignments are absolutely important and you should put a lot of accomplishment into it as able-bodied as chase my instructions aloft carefully.  Doing so will set you up for success at RESIDENCY.   Example:( beneath is the annotated bibliography to an article, again you would abide with the abutting commodity you chose, culminating in three entries on the annotated bibliography with the 3 full-text accessories the annotated bibliography refers to) Kambatla, K., Kollias, G., Kumar, V., & Grama, A. (2014). Trends In Big Abstracts Analytics. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 74(7), 2561-2573. According to Kambatla et al in their Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, there are appearing trends in big abstracts analytics that are absorbing and aces of application alike as we embrace the In-Memory Abstracts Analytics. The authors point out that abstracts assay is s assignment that is not bedfast in anchored deadlines but is added focused on abstracts quality. The affection abstracts has to be in band with the accumulator systems that the alignment chooses, and the In-Memory Abstracts Analytics is by far the best recommended accumulator advantage in the market. It works altogether in Multi-tenancy environments and data-centric areas. Moreover, Kambatla et al point out to the clairvoyant that application the in-memory abstracts analytics to abundance advice is a abiding footfall in the action of ensuring there is bigger achievement through the addition of amassed accretion frameworks and the all-embracing abstracts analytics tools. Then you would add addition branch of how this is actuality activated in business to anecdotic how the technology accurately relates to an example.

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