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A. Analysis Paper: If you accept to do the analysis cardboard you are accepted to address a cardboard that should be no beneath than seven pages long, excluding the appellation and advertence page(s). You should analysis the affair application library assets and added readings and references at the end of the capacity assigned. The cardboard charge chase APA format, including citations for all references you use and submitted to See the Assets area for abetment with APA. Also, see the accessible capacity area beneath for advice on allotment a topic. Possible Topics 1.Cross Cultural Accept one ability and authenticate how men’s and women’s roles are portrayed. Compare and adverse this ability to the United States.  2.Gender and the Media Authenticate the best contempo analysis on how gender and gender roles are portrayed in the media.   3.The Role of Hormones in the Development of Gender Roles Authenticate the best contempo analysis on the role that hormones ability comedy in the development of gender roles.   4.Single-Sex Apprenticeship Illustrate the best contempo analysis that evaluates (not describes) the after-effects of single-sex education.

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