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 In this paper, you will altercate assorted elements of THE MAYA culture.Please accommodate the afterward advice about your culture: Content    Provide a abrupt history of your culture Explain how your called ability is represented in the United States Is your ability appropriate or collectivistic? Accommodate at atomic one example What are some of the aesthetic (art, music, architecture, dance) contributions of your culture? What are some ethics of your culture? Accommodate at atomic three examples Discuss your culture’s religion(s)? Include name and basal acceptance arrangement of at atomic one of the above faiths What are some of the sex and gender role differences in your culture? Accommodate at atomic three examples Discuss what we would charge to apperceive to acclimatize into your  culture (if it is a ability from the past, what would we charge to do in  order to fit in during that timeframe). Accommodate at atomic one accurate  suggestion Conclusion Specific Cardboard Requirements: Four-page minimum: six-page best (Times New Roman, 1-inch marginsm 12-pt. font, double-spaced) Quality of writing: Must accommodate in-text citations in APA format Spelling and Grammar Correct APA appearance format A minimum of three or added aboveboard sources (books, account articles, magazine/newspaper articles, etc.)  Paper Outline:  Introduction History Cultural Context Represented in the United States Individualistic/Collective Artistic Values Religion Sex and Gender Roles Acculturation Conclusion References

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