Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

  Developmental psychologists apply abounding types of analysis methods in adjustment to abstraction development and changes in individuals over time. In this assignment, you will assay one of these analysis methods all-embracing and actualize a abbreviate presentation on your called analysis method.  Select one of the afterward analysis methods to explore: Experiment Correlation Case Study Observation Interviews / Qualitative Create a abbreviate PowerPoint presentation (approximately 6-8 slides) in which you: describe your called analysis method explain beneath what affairs this analysis adjustment would be acclimated in the acreage of psychology identify at atomic one account of application this method, as able-bodied as at atomic one check of application this method describe a affair in adorning attitude that you would be absorbed in belief and how you would use your called analysis adjustment to abstraction that topic. Be specific! Describe who your citizenry would be, how you would aggregate your data, how you would assay your data, any independent/dependent variables, etc. Demonstrate your compassionate of this analysis method. You charge adduce a minimum of one alfresco antecedent aural your presentation. Accommodate APA-formatted in-text citations aural your slides, and additionally accommodate a accelerate at the end with a account of references in APA format. Keep in apperception that I'm not attractive for you to archetype and adhesive advice from the reading/websites and stick it into your slides. You can use a absolute adduce if you feel you charge to, but it charge accept commendation marks about it to announce that it is a absolute quote. Everything abroad will charge to be in your own words (paraphrase), followed by an in-text commendation to announce area the advice came from. I appetite to see your writing, not what you've affected and pasted from alternative writers.  At atomic 80% of your appointment needs to be in your own words. Note: You will charge to actualize a PowerPoint presentation for this class. If you haven't taken advantage of this befalling to get MS Office for chargeless you should do so now. 

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