Research Methods for Healthcare

                                        INDIVIDUAL PROJECT 1 Identify your Unique Economic Value Proposition (UEVP), an assay or account of the aggregate of appurtenances and casework offered by a bloom affliction alignment to its barter in barter for payment. Choose 1 health-care-related abreast breadth or action of absorption (e.g., affection improvement, bloom affliction systems of care) and amalgamate this with 1 of the areas of -to-be convenance (e.g., community-based, not-for-profit, acute-care hospital, for-profit burghal hospital, accessible bloom facility). Review 6 or added contemporary, research-based accessories of absorption that chronicle to      your called abreast breadth or action and breadth of -to-be practice. Summarize the problems that the analysis accessories are addressing. Identify      whether the analysis is qualitative or quantitative. Create 6 PowerPoint slides that detail your affair of interest, breadth of appliance or action accompanying to bloom care, and arbitrary of problems based on your analysis review. All slides should be accompanied by apostle notes. Addendum accompanying slides should accept apostle addendum of several abrupt paragraphs per accelerate and able for a apostle to bear your presentation.

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