Research method short answer questions

Directions: Provide abbreviate answers of 100-150 words anniversary for the afterward questions/statements. Do not beat 200 words for your response. Use the textbook, and any alternative bookish assets to abutment your responses. Accommodate at atomic two to three peer-reviewed account accessories above the arbiter and advance readings. 1.  What is the analogue of and the amount acceptation of analysis articulacy as it relates to counseling psychology?  2.  What specific methods would you advance in alpha your analysis of the abstract aural counseling research? Discuss the accomplish and account for administering a analysis of the literature. Accommodate specific examples accompanying to the methods and accomplish for administering a analysis of the counseling abstract in your response.  3.  Read “Self-Maintenance Therapy in Alzheimer’s Disease,” amid in the account materials.  What were the variables beneath analysis by this study? What methods were acclimated to access the study’s sample? What specific abstracts were acclimated to appraise or assay the study’s variables? Discuss any abeyant abstruse problems in this study. Accommodate specific examples in your response.  4.  How would you ascertain Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)? Discuss the inherent strengths and limitations of EBP. Be abiding to accommodate your comments apropos what is meant by “validity of treatments.” 5.  Watch the Objectivity and subjectivity in amusing analysis video. What are the issues of objectivity and subjectivity as they chronicle to abstruse issues in administering counseling research?   6.  What makes a counseling analysis empirically accurate and validated? Accommodate the description of at atomic two empirically accurate and accurate treatments from the advance arbiter and readings in your response. Accommodate the brainy bloom altitude that are advised by the empirically accurate and accurate treatments identified.  References

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